Freshly Launched :: Be Nice Prenatal Vitamin Drink

Launched: Be Nice Prenatal Vitamin Drink
Date: August 1, 2009

LaunchHER says: LaunchHER needs her vitamins to get through the day! Especially when expecting. Be Nice is innovative and tastes great!

The HER behind it: Shawna Stevenson

In HER words:
When I was pregnant with my son Michael my OB/GYN advised me to drink plenty of water. However, it was just so plain. I also had a difficult time finding healthy beverages to drink – most were so loaded with sugar or caffeine or artificial sweeteners. Then one day, as I was swallowing that gigantic horse pill of a prenatal vitamin, an idea came to me. Why not create something that was healthy and delicious for moms-to-be? Why not make prenatal vitamin packets that can be added to water? That was the motivation for me to launch Be Nice, Inc.

One of the things that was really important to me was that our prenatal drink mix did not contain any artificial preservatives, sweeteners or flavorings. I didn’t want to consume anything that wasn’t natural or could be harmful to my unborn child. I also wanted a eco-friendly product. That’s why we use recycled paper for our packaging and our product is packaged in a factory that is 100% wind energy driven. Not to mention the fact that our sweetener and DHA are both derived from plants.

As as single mother and a cop, I know how busy life can be for mothers. We forget to drink enough water, we forget to take our pills, we forget a million other things. I wanted to make things just a little bit easier and healthier for mothers – it’s my hope that Be Nice can do that. As a company, we share a commitment to providing the very best for pregnant and nursing women and their growing babies. And we’ve made it our goal to do that in a way that also respects the health and well being of the world we live in.

I hope you enjoy our product.

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