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Launched: KnotWork Shop
Date: August 2009

LaunchHER says: We love it when people get creative with fibers! The apple and coffee cozies are our favorite!

The HER behind it: Diane Lupton

In HER words:
My name is Diane Lupton and I am an artist and owner of KnotWork. KnotWork is my collection of vibrant, unique and sometimes sarcastic accessories, jewelry and housewares.
I started the KnotWork line for two reasons. One, I love yarn and love to crochet. Two, I worked so hard at my career for so long and was unable to fully express my ideas and creativity at my day job. So I wanted something where I could be as expressive as possible and fully in control. Frankly, I needed one place in my life where oh yeah, I could go there, and not get in trouble for it. 
In October of 2009 I left my day job in order to spend more time with my family, be more in control of my life and focus more intently upon my craft. I have never regretted that decision and am blessed to have a growing business which would’ve been impossible under the constraints of a busy career.
The name KnotWork is a play on words. Knots of course are the basis of crochet because one uses a hook to create a series of knots. Additionally, crochet is never work for me. It is pure pleasure. So contrary to my day job, my crochet designs are not work or KnotWork.
If one browses my shop you can see two things about me immediately. I have a love for bold colors and a fresh sense of humor. If you dislike either of those things you probably aren’t going to be my customer. Yet I love to do custom orders because it is inspiring to bring to life someone else’s perfect and unique design. I get great fulfillment from a customer telling me that it is even better than they imagined it would be. Helping others achieve their goals was my greatest desire in my day job and still manifests itself in my craft.
I never would have guessed I’d find having my own business so rewarding. I encourage every woman out there to give it a go. You will be more empowered than you can imagine.

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