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Launched: Megnificient Co
Date: 2009

LaunchHER says: The HER behind LaunchHER isn’t big on following directions to a tee, so knitting will probably never be her forte. She enjoys however, when others can knit and knit up scrumptious goodies that are useful, fashionable, and eye-catching. Megnificient Co is all of those things and more!

The HER behind it: Meghan K

In HER words:
Megnificent Co. is a company that was started with the goal of changing the way women accessorize. Specifically, the cold weather essentials are typically matching pairs of hats, gloves, and scarves with the chance of a pattern or splash of color. Megnificent Co. takes the essential accessories that a woman needs and makes them not only functional, but also fun, interesting, and fashionable statement pieces. Another goal is to change the way we view “basic” colors. Lemon-lime green goes beautifully with a navy coat. Hot pink pops against a black jacket. There was a real need to draw women away from the idea that they need to fill their closets with muted colors so that everything will blend and be practical.

As we continue to grow, we will also move towards incorporating knits into warmer weather accessories. We will focus on how one does not need to spend a lot to have a polished or unique look. Adding these eye-catching accessories into a wardrobe literally completes your overall look.

Megnificent Co. proudly presents items which are affordable investments in your wardrobe. Our new items for 2010 include one-of-a-kind muffs created from hand-spun/hand-dyed yarn and from alpaca fiber. We plan on expanding our collection to include faux cashmere and faux angora muffs that will appeal to the non-wool friendly customer. We always welcome custom orders warmly and strive to make our customers the happiest around.

My husband came up with the name of this company, having wanted to incorporate my name along with a potentially fancy edge (reminiscent of Tiffany Co.). It is a lot of tedious work, but I love seeing the potential in a ball of yarn, becoming inspired by the colors and thinking that something that I have created can make someone else happy.

I have many aspirations for what this company can evolve into and I love offering accessories that make someone feel beautiful, amazing, unique, and outstanding. I’m proud of myself for taking the plunge and am grateful to all of my customers, past and present, which inspire me and help this company flourish.

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