Freshly Launched :: Milk + Honey Handbags

Launched: Milk and Honey Handbags
Date: June 2009

LaunchHER says: LaunchHER loves a feminine touch. Milk and Honey Handbags has plenty of them and their zipper pouches are a must-have!

The HER behind it: Amanda Baker

In HER words:
Milk and Honey Handbags is a result of my passion for sewing. I have always been creative, but once I got my hands on a sewing machine it just felt right. I fell in love the first time that I threaded a needle and have been sewing ever since.

After I got a machine I became engrossed in learning how to sew and sew well. I read a ton of books to help me with my technique and got advice and tips from people who knew the craft. Then I spent a lot of time on the sewing machine creating things from old fabric that my aunt had given me. I tried a lot of things: pants, dresses, shirts, hats. Once I began to make purses I really found my niche.

I love creating something that is beautiful and functional simultaneously and that is what purses offer. I am inspired by nature, colors, fabrics, and photographs. I love grosgrain ribbon and you will find this Milk and Honey signature embellishment on many of my designs.

I strive to offer unique and well made purses and accessories. Each Milk and Honey Handbag is crafted by me from start to finish. I pay careful attention to detail and every bag is created with care.

For LaunchHER readers::
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  1. These are so cute, yet elegant!

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