Freshly Launched : Silent Gypsy

Launched: Silent Gypsy Jewelry
Date: June 2009

LaunchHER says: We find that businesses are most successful when the HER who starts it is doing something she really truly loves!

The HER behind it: Monique Malkowski

In HER words:
Growing up in a small town in Connecticut, my family was always the outdoorsy type and I spent a lot of my youth and teenage years wandering and exploring my surroundings. I have always appreciated the beauty of nature and expressing myself through art and I think a lot of my inspiration comes from this nomadic time in my life. After working in the jewelry industry for several years under two other indie designers, I realized I was ready to express a personal sensibility through my own collection. I noticed a gap in the market for statement-making, fashionable jewelry that was truly affordable and I wanted to do something totally unique; something that worked for my friends and me, but also for women who appreciate the art of effortless style, and in early 2009 I came up with the idea for Silent Gypsy Jewelry.

Many people ask where the name “Silent Gypsy” comes from: I’m inspired by the gypsy lifestyle of moving place to place and not really having rules in terms of fashion…gypsies wear every piece they own at the same time; mixing metals, textures and pull it all together effortlessly. My collection is easy to wear; it looks amazing with a white t-shirt and jeans and equally good with a funky black dress. I strive to make really artistic, cool pieces but use specific metals and materials in order to keep the price point accessible. So far the line has done extremely well. I have already sold the Silent Gypsy jewelry collection to over 40 retail stores and I also own and operate my own retail site. The experience of running my own business has been an incredible lesson not only in my career but also in life. I have never been so busy before – in addition to designing, I also manage the production, website, shipping and accounting for Silent Gypsy – but because it is my passion, I absolutely live for it.

I am thrilled to be in boutiques worldwide and my complete collection is available online at Silent Gypsy has been featured in InStyle, Seventeen and on the Today Show, as well as on celebrities including Leona Lewis and American Idol’s Jordin Sparks.

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