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Launched: Little Citizen Clothing
Date: January 2010

LaunchHER says: Scrumptious skirts and dresses to LaunchHER fashion sense!

The HER behind it: Chloe Priour

In HER words:
Little Citizen Clothing is an art business that sprang from a love of craft and kids. My whole life I’ve made art in all different forms. Despite a hectic college life as an art major, I learned to sew in my free time.  Throughout and after college I also worked in the childcare industry, and spent over 6 years as a nanny. In this time I fell in love with the design, colors, textures, and styles of kids clothing. My love of this concept couldn’t be withheld any longer and Little Citizen Clothing came to be!
When I first started sewing, I was making simple skirts and purses for myself. A few years later, when shopping for new fabrics and notions, I realized my taste was changing in the things I wanted to buy. I thought, “Wow, this is a great print… but I would never wear it”. The things I was attracted to were too loud for my own wardrobe but I loved them so much I had to have them.  When I started spending so much time with kids and seeing all the styles the children’s clothing industry had to offer, I had found a niche in which my showy fabrics and colorful combinations would fit, finally… an excuse to make a skirt that is huge and puffy and orange!
    Specializing in girls clothing, many pieces are vintage inspired, whether it be a modified vintage pattern or the use of vintage lace, fabrics and trims. I have spent some time collecting items from vintage stores, such as aprons, scarves, and even women’s clothing then reworking them into adorable children’s garments.  One of the unique results of this method is that every article will be a unique piece of art. Very few pieces will ever be made in duplicate. I’m proud to put children’s clothes out there that can’t immediately be recognized as a product seen in a multitude of stores, that five thousand other little girls are wearing, which was probably made in Indonesia.
    Many of the dresses and skirts are made from current (non-vintage) fabrics and supplies that are sometimes rare or hard to find, thus guaranteeing a limited edition. This process also keeps me constantly creating something new. I’m relieved to know that I’ll never be sewing the same skirt in large quantities.  Sizes range from 2T to 6T. If the piece you love isn’t in the size you love, I will gladly take requests and work with my customers to try and get as close as we can to your desired look if the original supplies are exhausted. Develop your Little Citizen’s sense of style with handmade original outfits from Little Citizen Clothing!

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