Freshly Launched :: Signature Flan

Launched: Signature Flan
Date: March 2009

LaunchHER says: It’s not every day that a flan company launches. What a lovely thing to have happened though and we wish them delicious success!

The HER behind it: Vivian Tenorio

In HER words:
I’m a proud mommy and wife. I started Signature Flan, out of a need. I LOVE flan, and there was nothing on the market that was worth the calories, if you know what I mean. In 2005, my husband and I opened a restaurant and customers would come in to purchase just flan. Big issue trying to run a restaurant with just flan sells, so after months of hardship we were forced to close the doors to our restaurant. But the artisan method of flan making that my mother-in-law used was not lost when the restaurant closed. Years past…life happened. In early 2009, when the economy started to get shaky, I decided that I wanted to be in control of my future. I wasn’t going to let someone else have that power. Knowing that I had created amazing flan recipes and with the artisan methods from my mother-in-law. I know that I had a product that was special. So, in 2009, Signature Flan was born. Our goal is to create the creamiest, most flavorful flan in the dessert market, using natural ingredients and by using only the best methods of flan creation. Our attention to detail occurs at every step of the flan making process, allowing us to be unique in relation to other flan making companies. We do not mass-produce our flans, allowing us to focus on quality.

Our flans are handmade and hand-packed and we believe that sets us apart from the rest. As a result of our hard work and our dedication, each bite melts in your mouth and overwhelms your senses – in the best way possible.

Available at:

Whole Foods Market (Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas)

Central Market H.E.B. (Texas)

Hubbell & Hudson Market, Rice Epicurean (Houston)

Online Store

Fresh Plus, Royal Blue Grocery, Wheatsville Co-op (Austin)

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