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Launched: Grayson Saige
Date: April 2009

LaunchHER says: She’s a young one but she knows what she wants!

The HER behind it: Carlene Helble

In HER words:
My name is Carlene Helble and I run the nautical decor shop, Grayson Saige. You could say I’m not your average business owner. I’m a college student studying Dietetics and this is my fantastic hobby. People always do a double take when I tell them, but with passion and drive (and some serious time management), you really can get anything done.

Grayson Saige is named for my brother and sister; I’m lucky they have such classic names. The products you find in my shop take classic themes and motifs, like starfish, and turn up the colors. When I create something, I think of what I would be happy seeing in my home. One of the great things about these products are their versatility. You don’t need to have a beach cottage to work these items into how you decorate. A large apothecary jar of glitter starfish brings a bit of whimsy in. Everyone needs a little vacation in their everyday life, and this is the way to go!

The best source of inspiration for Grayson Saige has been my travels to the US Virgin Islands. From the Caribbean blue waters to the fuchsia bougainvillea flowers, everything is bursting with color. Besides the surroundings, a wonderful thing you pick up from being there is the relaxed nature of the people. ‘Island time’ is very hard for an East Coast girl like be to get used to at first, but it really does become contagious!

Grayson Saige has become a reminder for me that we all need to enjoy life and slow down. Just like I sign my letters, I’ll say it again: Live life to the fullest and enjoy it all!


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