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Launched: Noah Baby Boutique

LaunchHER says: Bright & Cheery- perfect for the little one in your life!

The HER behind it: Lesley Worley

In HER words:

My name is Lesley, and I am a mother, a wife and an ex-career woman who gladly turned in her daily commute and Jimmy Choo’s for diaper changes, playdates and homemade baby food. I started Noah Baby Boutique out of a necessity to maintain a creative outlet, as well as expessing my love for both fashion and all things BABY.

With a background and degree in Apparel Merchandising, I’ve always loved the combination of creativity and business, and loved my career in the fashion industry. It was in 2008 when my son was born, that my heart and first love changed, and I felt a stronger need to devote my time to being mom. It was in those first few months of being a Stay At Home Mom, that I began sewing burp cloths, Onesies and Blankets for not only my son, but for friends and family who were having babies. I had so many compliments and suggestions on selling my creations, that I decided to open Noah Baby Boutique on Etsy in Sept of 2008. It wasn’t until March of 2009 though that I really began devoting myself to it as a full time business, and I’ve so enjoyed watching it grow and change and come into it’s own.

My Muse is really my son Noah, his friends and our newest baby boy due in July. I LOVE perusing my local Fabric stores for prints that are bright, fun and unique. I try to bring a little something for different tastes into the shop, as Noah and his friends have their own special and diverse personalities. You will find modern and bright, as well as soft and pretty. All though are created using attention to detail and durability.

It is always my goal to have Noah Baby products to be both fun and functional for all of life’s little spit ups!

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