Freshly Launched :: Jenny Design

Launched: Jenny Design

LaunchHER says: When we saw her “baby ruche” we were speechless. It takes a lot for that trust us! You deserve to celebrate yourself with an investment piece. Jenny Design handbags are a great way to commemorate your independent business success!

In HER words:
I’m a 24-year old engineer turned fashion designer. I’m a full-time designer – I design, produce, photograph, market, and ship each bag from my Austin studio. I earned my bachelors degree in biomedical engineering at The University of Texas at Austin in 2009 and quickly decided that I loved designing bags rather than medical devices, though the engineering principles are still evident in the way I run my business. My engineering side balances the aesthetics of my product line with its value in utility. Each bag is designed with meticulous detail to minimize waste and increase efficiency in production, while still maintaining a simple and sophisticated style.

I have a goofy pug, Hubert who is always full of energy and easily persuades me to take him on walks, where I gather inspiration for the bags I design. Much of the inspiration for my bag silhouettes are drawn from nature, architecture and fashion.

For more information and where to buy my products, please see my blog

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Freshly Launched :: Sundae Spa

Launched: Sundae Spa

LaunchHER says: Delicious!!! Their enthusiasm and exciting services have us really looking forward to keeping our eye on this brand! Heading to Waterbury CT as soon as humanly possible!

In HER words:

My name is Kimberly Swan and I am the visionary behind Sundae Spa. I decided to combine my two loves, children and teaching. I am a previous high school science educator and mother to 7 daughters. Yes, all mine in a way that family does not mean biological, family means being with people you love and who love you. My experiences in the classroom and with my own children told me that kids love to have fun, kids learn through having fun and I was going to give them fun.
The Story of Sundae Spa started with a simple game in the car with my own children where we say a sentence and then add on from person to person to tell a story. We came up with candy shampoo, fruit loop facials and bubblegum nail polish. You name it we said it. It was like “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” for your body. Oh yeah! My youngest daughter’s name is Charlie.
We all wanted to be part of something we created. So I put myself into research. First, the theme and design like a dessert shop. Remember when you could go and watch fudge and caramel being made and smell the aromas? Soon to be available at Sundae Spa. Just can’t eat it! Then, products and party ideas. So I developed a fun spa party idea for boys and girls, patent the idea and sold it to Elmer’s. Now they will be available for hands on in the spa. How about a Dino Dig Sundae Party in Chocolate or Root beer? How about a Gemstone’s of the Earth Dig Sundae Bath Party in Strawberries or Watermelon? The list goes on. (Patent Pending)
The spa is about being surrounded in dessert fun; kids can get their hair cut, styled, manicures, pedicures, facials etc. Where is the fun? Where is the learning? Kids help to create their own product. Before the service they go to a custom creation station and blend their shampoo, conditioner, or build a sundae for their hands/feet. What color would they like it? Purple? Mix red and blue. Great color theory. How about pick your own fragrance from over 200 scents. Designed after a baked good, candy or ice cream. Oh yeah, don’t forget to learn how to measure in metric units. How about make your own soap. How strong do you want it to smell? Learn about concentration and dilution.
The fun and learning are endless.
I will be working along with my 7 daughters, 3 of which are in the cosmetology field. I feel blessed to be so happy in what I do and offer happiness to others.

See you at Sundae Spa.

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Freshly Launched :: Dawn Dalto Ceramics

Launched: Dawn Dalto Ceramics

LaunchHER says: Creative crickets– we LOVE it!

The HER behind it: Dawn Dalto

In HER words:
My name is Dawn, I have travelled many paths before becoming a ceramic artist. I started out wanting to be an accountant and ended up an artist. Along the path I have managed large retail stores, owned my own bead store, published my own beading book and taught beading and ended up as the assistant director for a ceramic arts center.

After my 16 year marriage ended in 2002 I met my current partner, Les Powell, who is a ceramic artist himself. The combination of working at a ceramics center and having a partner working in the medium made it impossible for me not to put my hands into the mud.

This January I made the leap to quit my day job and pursue my art full time. I believe that art should not only be beautiful, but functional. I produce three product lines; decorative wall boxes and tiles, dinnerware and wedding accessories. My wall boxes and tiles are hand carved and feature motifs such as trees and shrines. Dinnerware is available in several themes including peacocks, crickets and a new line of hand painted abstract patterns. And finally my wedding line offers Ring Bearer Dishes (a new alternative to the standard pillow) as well as boutonniere holders and bridal bouquet holders that can double as a wall vase after the ceremony.

Pottery doesn’t just mean dishes and I love working with my customers to create the perfect accent for their home, their kitchen or their wedding. I am always open to listening to my customers ideas and providing them with a handmade experience and product they will treasure.

Shop here, here and here for Dawn’s Ceramics Collections