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Launched: Jenny Design

LaunchHER says: When we saw her “baby ruche” we were speechless. It takes a lot for that trust us! You deserve to celebrate yourself with an investment piece. Jenny Design handbags are a great way to commemorate your independent business success!

In HER words:
I’m a 24-year old engineer turned fashion designer. I’m a full-time designer – I design, produce, photograph, market, and ship each bag from my Austin studio. I earned my bachelors degree in biomedical engineering at The University of Texas at Austin in 2009 and quickly decided that I loved designing bags rather than medical devices, though the engineering principles are still evident in the way I run my business. My engineering side balances the aesthetics of my product line with its value in utility. Each bag is designed with meticulous detail to minimize waste and increase efficiency in production, while still maintaining a simple and sophisticated style.

I have a goofy pug, Hubert who is always full of energy and easily persuades me to take him on walks, where I gather inspiration for the bags I design. Much of the inspiration for my bag silhouettes are drawn from nature, architecture and fashion.

For more information and where to buy my products, please see my blog

Just for LaunchHER readers:
Use code “LaunchHER” in Message to Seller upon purchase to receive 10% off your entire purchase! Offer ends July 15th.

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