Freshly Launched :: Alicia Shulman

Freshly Launched ::  Alicia Shulman
Launched ::  Alicia Shulman, designer

LaunchHER says ::  That’s it.  Our Christmas lists are done. Looking at Alicia’s creations has us dreaming of these luscious jewels and incredible pieces day and night. When you enter Alicia’s site, you see the phrase… “What began as innocent flirtation with stones quickly turned into a full blown love affair.” As the designer, she has captured exactly how we feel about her pieces – in love!

Not only is the Alicia Shulman jewelry line extraordinary, but more importantly – so is the woman behind the business!  The developement of her business from a creative passion to a business idea to a thriving enterprise is inspiring and motivating to the entrepreneurial spirit in all of us!

In HER words ::

One might ask how does a girly girl find herself on an HBO boxing ring shooting world championship fights, in the trenches of the ultimate boys club … And how does this same girl re create herself launching a jewelry line?  That was me.  From the ring to the bling, from the world of Don King to the world of Kate Spade where my first styles sold out nationwide for three years. 
The common thread for all things creative for me has always been color and composition, probably my strongest natural instincts … be it a photo, or in this case translated to another vehicle, jewelry.  Having stumbled upon some stones on a trip, I came home and started playing round with them and just loved the tactile aspect versus the photography I was used to … and I like to say: what began as innocent flirtation with stones quickly escalated to a full blown love affair … and business. 
My inspiration most always is water, the lush color stories I see in the Caribbean, and nature …and that can take shape in an organic piece made from aquamarine stones or an enameled cuff studded with Swarovski crystal .. reflecting the two sides of my personality and hopefully speaking to women’s different moods. 
The brand has come to represent the resort lifestyle with clients including:  The Breakers, Las Ventanas, The Cove, Parrot Cay, Montage Laguna, Calypso stores. 
The line has enjoyed press in many publications and television shows incl: Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Lucky, Oprah, Travel + Leisure, Hamptons, Zink, The Today Show, Tyra Banks Show, Entourage … and has been seen on many great women from Sharon Stone to Joss Stone and Kelly Ripa to Kelly Rowland. 
I love the creative process, and look forward to the day when I can move this little business forward to where I’m able to focus on creating and promoting, and working towards expanding into beach bags, hair accessories, and caftans/sarongs … it will be a natural and exciting progression. 
It’s a wonderful feeling that something I created becomes part of a woman’s  wardrobe, something she chooses to wear to express herself in a positive way to the world and hopefully have fun wearing, perhaps even handing down to a daughter.
Just for LaunchHER readers ::  Shop a Alicia Shulman and receive 20 percent off with the coupon code LAUNCHHER, on purchases over from 100.00.  Good thru 10/31/2010.

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