Freshly Launched :: Ettarose

Freshly Launched :: Ettarose

Launched :: Etta Merryman

LaunchHER says:  We first came across Ettarose when searching for the perfect pocketbook for favorite five-year old. (Read about the search here!) We’re frantic about felt!  The durability and creatvity of Etta’s products are simply perfection!!

In HER words:

I grew up on a smallish, touristy town on the Olympic Penninsula in the state of Washington, focusing my extracurricular activities on painting and performance production. Throughout my teen years, I frequently made new purses and bookbags for myself and gifts for friends. After graduating from high school, I moved to Seattle and became a nanny for a few wonderful children.  This experience allowed me to continue to be creative and crafty at work… and prompted the idea for Ettarose!  The kids I nannied also were more than happy to test out some wallets and barrettes for me. So, when I say that my products are “kid-tested and kid-approved…” they really are!!

In April 2009 I opened my Etsy shop, selling the products that I had been making for years, for friends and family. I specialize in brooches, wallets, barrettes and camera cases, made out of 100% pure merino wool felt. Although I tried out synthetic felt briefly, I found it would not stand up to every-day use.  After my sister introduced me to 100% wool, I never looked back! When stretched, wool felt doesn’t fall apart or lose it’s shape. Again – kid-tested and kid-approved! 

Recently, I  moved across the country to Richmond, Virginia for some adventure, some continued education, and well… a bit more sunshine and a bit less grey skies! With the move came a larger home, which provides much more creative space. I sew nearly every day, always testing out new ideas and designs. I love the feeling of creating something that is not only visually appealing, but can hold up to the every day use from everyone from a preschooler to an adult.

Each item I create is a one of a kind. Matching the colors of the felt, the cotton embroidery thread and buttons together is so much fun!  I’ve been incredibly fortunate to be able to work on my creative business full-time.  I’m stocking up to expand my Etsy shop, as well as participate in upcoming local craft and Holiday fairs. 

So, what’s next?  I have recently expanded to include International customers… at first it was intimnidating, but I’m excited to share Ettarose all over the world!  Soon to come… Ettarose paper goods! 

Be sure to check out Ettarose’s Etsy Shop!  Stay up to date through her Facebook page! 

Just for launchHER readers ::

Enter “launchHER” at checkout on Etsy and receive a surprise gift with order!


  1. who.knows.what.dreams.may.go says:

    very lovely Etsy shop

  2. Sweet Harper says:

    These are so cute!

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