Freshly Launched :: Francesca Joy Palm Beach

Freshly Launched :: Francesca Joy Palm Beach
Launched :: Artist-Designer Elise Francesca

LaunchHER says :: 
We are simply wild for these hand-painted and hand-crafted pieces.  The vibrancy of these products is contagious… and we are thrilled to be caught up in this world of color!!  Without a doubt, Elise is an artist to watch.  So excited to feature her as she’s just getting started!

In HER words ::

Going to sleep at night thinking in design and color, I always wish to translate these ideas into patterns and abstracts of all sorts that people can not only appreciate- but also wear. As the artist-designer behind the lifestyle brand Francesca Joy Palm Beach, I give life to paintings and fine art through apparel and home décor.  
FJPB was born entirely on the basis of art fused with fashion. Using the word “fashion” in accordance with FJPB is tricky, as fashion trends go in and out, but designs and color schemes can be around forever. As an artist, I’ve found paintings are both unforgettable, and inspiring in one way or another. To take this into the fashion/home decor world on the lifestyle brand path, seemed the most appropriate, as I wish to create sophisticated and timeless pieces that all ages can enjoy, for a very long time.
With Palm Beach as our home base, this setting ignites the lush, coastal vibe in the colors and designs- from everything to our tote bag collection to our table runners. Whether an abstract pillow based on one of my paintings, or a traditional, nautical anchor with my own spin on it, there really is something for everyone.
We are definitely a “women owned” brand. My business partner, Carolyn Roy, is an interior designer based in Palm Beach, and my mom, Rhonda Fargnoli, is also an artist. One of my best friends, Alexandra Picerne, a design student in Chicago, is also a partner. We feel very strongly about products made in America. That’s why, I so proud to say that FJPB is entirely made in the USA. In the future, I hope to give artists the opportunity to be able to paint, and be paid for their talents!
As a 21 year old designer, I feel as though my designs and paintings are never paralyzed–the work is honest, and never jaded. Youth is my biggest inspiration by far. Everyone wants to feel youth- and in the spirit of color, the vibrancy is undeniable, and also very contagious.

Keep up with this incredible artist through her website, or via Facebook!

Just for LaunchHER readers ::
Through September 20th, take 20% off all tote bags, table runners, and pillows.  Contact Elise to take advange of this offer, or to order a custom product!


  1. Sweet Harper says:

    I am in LOVE! Adding to the "must-have" list!

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