Freshly Launched :: Lil’ Cupcakes Design

Freshly Launched ::  Lil’ Cupcakes Design

Launched ::  Candice and Chelsey Dokkebakken

LaunchHER says ::  First things first… sisters marrying twin brothers, and then starting a business together?  We’re immediately intrigued!  Their delicious blankets make us want to snuggle up with our own little ones.  Yummy!

In HER words ::

Hello!  We are Candice and Chelsey… the owners / creators / domestic goddess extraordinaires behind Lil’Cupcakes Designs. I’m sure each of you are asking the exact same question… “Who are these incredibly cool chicks?”  Well… wonder no more. Not only are we total BFF’s, but we also just happen to be sisters.  And, not just any sisters, mind you.  We are a crazy, fun-loving pair who met and fell in love with two hunky twin brothers.  Our fairy tale continued, as we  got hitched and made two RIDICULOUSLY CUTE baby girls.

We love coffee, coffee and more coffee! When we’re not creating, we’re obviously drinking coffee and hanging out with our favourite lil’ girls.  And, of course… talking about our company!

So why Lil’Cupcakes Designs? Well, remember those ridiculously cute baby girls we mentioned earlier? After having these lil’ ladies, we were very frustrated with the lack of creative and unique products available.  We especially wanted items that we could feel confident putting in the hands of the most important people in our lives. 

So that’s us! Tell us a little bit about you and let us match the perfect creation with your perfect lil’cupcake!  We’d love for you to check out of Etsy Shop or to follow us on Twitter. And stay tuned, new friends… our new website will be coming very soon!

Just for LaunchHER readers:
Enter “LaunchHER” at checkout and receive 10% off of your order! Now through 12/31/2010.

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