Freshly Launched :: Sparkle Panda Design

Freshly Launched :: Sparkle Panda Design

Launched :: Sharon Binns

LaunchHER says: We adore the vintage look, and go crazy for handmade. Put them together, and it’s simply perfection! The creative, one-of-a-kind pieces utilize repurposed vintage and modern fabrics – LOVE!!

In HER words:

My sewing career started at the age of 8, when my dolls were sadly in need of a new summer wardrobe, and nothing suitable could be found in any of my birthday or Christmas presents! Bits of old fabric, destined for the rag bag, were legitimately appropriated and hand sewing learnt… and suddenly mine were the most fashionable dolls in the ‘hood! I continued the theme when I got to my teenage years. By this time, I had been taught a thing or two about dressmaking, so I was given a box of fabric that had been hidden away in my mother’s trunk for 3 decades! I made some awesome stuff, including a Bubble Skirt from 1950’s voile. Oh my!

Instead of heading towards an exciting career in the fashion industry, life – as it does – got in the way. I found myself ina succession of mind-numbing admin positions before graduation from university with a BA. But fate would intervene again, and I ended up with two spinal disc protrusions within 3 years, which turned into a serious and permanent condition of nerve damage and incredible pain. I also had two children within those 3 years, which turned into a permanent condition of incredible joy!! After 2 years, there was time to consider where my physical capabilities lay and what my future might look like. Slowly, it started looking somewhat like it did 25 years ago… but with more in the way of pre-schoolers hanging off my legs and bits of porridge on my clothes!

Now, at the age of 40, my life has come full circle. Designing and making tiny clothes out of fabric nobody wanted turns out to be what I was meant to do! Working from my home, I design and create one-of-a-kind children’s clothing from vintage fabrics, reclaimed clothing and repurposed bed linen, and my online store SparklePanda Design opened in March of this year. I love finding bits and pieces in thrift stores and letting the fabrics speak to me about what I should make from it, transforming them into unique vintage-inspired garmets that are long-wearing, affordable and eco-friendly.

Stay up to date with Sharon on Twitter or her blog! You can find her designs at her Etsy shop.

Just for LaunchHER readers:

Use coupon code “LaunchHER” for FREE Shipping up to $5.00 through September 30th, 2010


  1. who.knows.what.dreams.may.go says:

    very cute items:)

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