Freshly Launched :: Tri Originals

Freshly Launched :: Tri Originals

Launched :: Patti Fortune

LaunchHER says ::  Earlier this year, I completed my first Triathalon.  It was a HUGE accomplishment in my life – my own personal Mt. Everest, if you will… So, when Tri Originals crossed our path and we checked out Patti’s incredibly encouraging and inspiring products, we said – “YES!”  We are absolutely enthralled with these unique, handmade pieces.  Perfection, Patti! Love, love, LOVE!!

In HER words :: 
Tri Originals is a celebration of my life as an artist and an athlete, a reminder of my goals, my dreams and my accomplishments.

It would seem that one way or another I am always trying to come up with something new and share my enthusiasm with others. My love of sports and art came together when I wanted to “wear the feeling” of crossing the finish line of my first triathlon. I made a bracelet with the time and date of my race and I wore it day and night. A few months later I began to train with friends for more events and making jewelry for each of us to help inspire us to keep going.  Before too long I was making special pieces for everything we were doing.

I love that when I finish a piece it makes me happy. What a great thing to be excited about making something for someone that is personal and unique and at the same time bringing me such joy.

I made the jump from celebrating triathlons to celebrating life with inspirational painting. Being creative, active and caring for the people that I love and admire, is for me the greatest expression of all that I am passionate about. It is my desire to create unique jewelry and gifts that celebrate the success of what we do in our lives and that can be an inspiration to be the best we can be.

As one thing leads to another in my mind, I am often drawn to the colourful world of children’s art. I love the colours and the whimsical characters. When I think happy thoughts… I paint in bright colours.

Tri Originals is about the excitement and positive energy of life every day and a reminder to enjoy the moment. Whether you are celebrating a race or celebrating life… I truly believe that you can if you tri!

Stay in touch with Patti through her Blog… and be sure to visit her online store!

Just for LaunchHER readers ::
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  1. Love Love LOVE Patti's work!!! Gorgeous and inspiring!!!!

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