LaunchHER EXCLUSIVE :: A Weekend in the Life of Casi Densmore-Koon, cupcakeMAG editor: New York Fashion Week Edition

LaunchHER EXCLUSIVE ::  A Weekend in the Life of Casi Densmore-Koon, cupcakeMAG editor: New York Fashion Week Edition 

LaunchHER says ::  We are thrilled beyond words to share this EXCLUSIVE New York Fashion Week report from LaunchHER fav and the owner of a fabulous woman-owned business… cupcakeMAG editor, Casi Densmore-Koon!  CupcakeMAG is THE spot to get your fashion fix and the hottest news from the runway.. as well as giveaways galore!  More than that, Casi Densmore-Koon is a sponsor, supporter, and great friend of LaunchHER.  And, let’s face it – the fact that she has met Rachel Zoe, among others, makes her practically a celebrity to us!

Enjoy the behind-the-scenes-glimpse and the photos GALORE!  And then be sure to stay up with the latest by following Casi and cupcakeMAG on Twitter and Facebook

In HER words :: Guest post by Casi Densmore-Koon!
A Weekend in the Life of Casi Densmore-Koon, cupcakeMAG editor: New York Fashion Week Edition

It’s Fashion Week mayhem in New York… which means my days just run together. It’s 3:47 am on Friday, September 10th, and my alarm is going off at 5:30 am. But yet I’m still emailing my cupcakeMAG team their schedules for the big week, along with working on things for cupcake not just surrounded by New York Fashion Week. I sleep for 2.4 seconds and I’m up (OOTD: BCBG Tunic, Forever 21 Leggings and Naya Knee High boots) and getting ready to head to the big city for the fast paced chaotic weekend. Grab Starbucks, and on off we go! We have a 4 hour trip… you probably think I will sleep right? Nope! I take out the MacBook Pro and work on our latest celeb interview with Khloe Kardashian (edit, grab images, etc) and get up-to-date on pre-fashion week coverage. Basically, I work until we hit Tribeca. We rush to check in at the hotel with only a few minutes to spare before our first show, Michael Angel… followed by non-stop shows and events for Fashion’s Night Out.

In 3 days we will cover 45 shows. In 8 days total we cover….eight times that! BCBG, Ports 1961, Betsey Johnson, Alexander Berardi, Nicole Miller, Lacoste, Cynthia Rowley, Jill Stuart, ADAM, Yoana Baraschi, Vivienne Tam, Mara Hoffman, Nicholas K, Whitney Port, Charolotte Ronson, Zac Posen, Christian Siranio, Venexian, DVF to name a few! 

We also get to take in offsite presentations and events: Alice + Olivia, Saks Fifth Avenue, QVC with The Kardashians, Callula Lillibelle, Victoria Beckham, and many more. And just think… it all starts over in February for the Fall collections! Keep in mind I had one of my assistants, Dwayne Knight, and Fashion/Beauty Director, Shasta Moczulski, with me to take on the city.

Day One :: We begin with 3 fashion shows before starting the night’s events for Fashion’s Night Out. OOTN: Rebecca Taylor Sequin number, Fendi heels and Elaine Turner bag. First stop is QVC Live with The Kardashians, Rachel Zoe, Anna Wintour and so many more!

Next stop is off to meet Caroline, Dina and Lauren Manzo at Bloomingdales and watch them sing karaoke followed by the grand event for QVC with Anna Wintour, The Kardashians and more!

Then off to the meat packing district for a pop-up shop opening and a chat with Kelly Cutrone. The face to face interview with Kelly Cutrone turns into an amazing convo between us – no longer a interview. Genuine, brilliant and just wow describe her presence.

We finally get to eat but it is only McDonalds (only thing open at 1am!!), which we take back to the room. We discuss the days events and work until about 4am. The alarm goes off way to soon.

Day Two: Up bright and early at 8am thanks to my darling hubs calling with a child dilemma!  Once again rushing around to get ready! First stop Lacoste, followed by Cynthia Rowley, Jill Stuart, Prabal Gurung, and Adam all at Lincoln Center. OOTD: Forever 21 Chiffon Top, DVF Leggings, Velvet Angels Stiletto Sandal, Marc Jacobs Bag and David Yurman jewels. Now onto Vivienne Tam where we have a backstage interview with the designer. Backstage we spot Kendra Wilkinson and Serena Williams checking out the collection. After the show we grab a cab to head to an offsite presentation of Callula Lillibelle – one of our favorites of the day! We finally get a break to head back to the hotel, grab a late lunch and get ready for our event of the evening.

Back to the meat packing district we catch-up and sit down with Caroline Manzo again at the exclusive showing of The Kardashians Beach Bunny Swimwear collection. We take in the atmosphere at our reserved booth and front row seats. The event is fabulous, and who doesn’t love a free cocktail! We hail a cab back to Times Square to our hotel, the Marriott Marquis. Just as we arrive I get a text from Caroline asking for us to come back to meet a friend who works for Elle Magazine. Well, we can’t miss this opportunity so we jump in a cab and tell him to hurry for double the tip! He gets the job done. Rush back in grab Caroline and chat it up with her friend.

Hour later we head back to Timesquare for dinner at midnight. We order almost everything on the menu – its basically our first meal of the day besides the almonds in our purse. Head back to the hotel around 2am and finally hit the pillow around 5am.

Day Three: Wake up at 8:30am and head down to get tea and cough drops. I woke up with a fever and feeling like I got hit  by a truck (a total hot mess!), but I know I still have a day of work to do… so I can’t stop. And it looks like rain in the city, which is just never fun in heels!

First stop is the Belle Parish Fashion Show, which is Ali Landry’s collection. We meet with Ali backstage to see the collection before it walks the runway. We meet and greet with The Real Housewives of New York, Alex McCord and Denise Richards. The energy at this show is just amazing!

The celebrity models and real-life moms will be walking down the runway with little girls – how sweet! We grab our seat, front-row next to Simon Van Kempen (Alex’s husband) and his two sweet little boys! After the show we grab a cab back to Lincoln Center to finish off the days show before catching our car back to DC at 10pm. A few from the cupcakeMAG team stay back to finish the weeks shows as my motherly duties at home call. We finally arrive to my house a little after 2am. Sick and exhausted but so worth every second of the weekend!

So many ask me about the reality of my job and how I do this each and every day … but really it is about being ambitious, going after your dream, having that passion and drive will get you anywhere in life. You have to believe in yourself to be successful and make it happen. Like Tim Gunn says, “make it work” — anyone can you just have to find your passion and drive to make it – all about good karma too and kicking out the negativity. I have learned one thing – don’t let anyone get you down – brush it off your shoulders and don’t get consumed with drama. That would be my advice to anyone in this industry or in any industry.

At the end of the day it is all about those around me who support me. My fan club – husband, three girls and my close knit family and friends. I also can’t forget my second family – the cupcakeMAG team. Without them I wouldn’t be as successful as I am today. They are always there through the chaotic mess of things, the drama and the front-row seating. However, they never complain and work their asses off. My life may be a constant chaotic whirlwind but I wouldn’t change a thing.

LaunchHER says :: Don’t forget to stay up to speed with Casi and cupcakeMAG on Twitter and Facebook!  And for fashionable treats for chic-moms and their babes, head to Casi’s other incredible site – Sprinkles!


  1. monkey-toes says:

    Oh so much fun!!!

  2. Sweet Harper says:

    Casi and the CupcakeMag team are so amazing! Great article!

  3. that's our Casi! I love her determination and commitment even under the weather! I love how detailed Casi was about her stay at NYFW…down the the exact OOTD and OOTN!

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  5. Shew, I'm exhausted just reading this! Go Casi!!

  6. Selena and Anna says:

    WOW! Casi… so much fun!!! thanks for making us feel like we personally experiencde a little of NYFW!

  7. RosaLovesDC says:

    So much fun! You all had so much fun, I am jealous!

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