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I wonder if somewhere out there in genius-land, there is a PhD student trying to determine the chromosone that carries the genetic code for handbag-loving? Because if so, I think that I have so imperical evidence to share…

So, yesterday was a huge day in our home. My 5-year-old darling and I trotted off to the library with the goal of picking up an early reader CHAPTER book. Big stuff. She walked out , not only with her book of choice, but also with her VERY OWN library card!

And what was her first statement to me, as we walked, hand in hand, back to my grocery-getter? “Mommy, now I need a wallet.”

Yep. That’s right. She is her mother. :)

Now, we are firm believers that when our children are young, we should take advantage of every opportunity to train our children. This being no exception, she and I sat down at my laptop, and off we went to Etsy. I mean – it’s never too early to teach my precious one to look for creative, handmade, quality accessories, right? Right!

Being the up and coming fashionista that she is, here are some of my precious 5-year olds fav’s:

This little pink wallet was just perfect! Lovingly crafted by Ettarose.

We both positively LOVE personalization, and Perfect Pencil Pouch could easily multi-task as a small clutch for little gals! Handmade by creative genius Cutiepiesclothing.

My little lady loved this Ladybug Clutch Wallet, handmade by lucky17!

We loved the stripe and shape. The Summer Pouch created by Lilmisspolkadot!

When it came time to check out, she VERY politely said, “credit card please.” Yep – again, just like mommy! :) Thankfully, her wallet choice didn’t break the bank. But just wait until she discovers her love for shoes…


  1. cupcakeMAG says:

    Great post! LOVED it. Just like my little ones!
    And, she has great taste :)

  2. My five year old is big on matching, bow must match the outfit and the shoes must match it all. Yup, she sure does take after her mama! :)

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