Freshly Launched :: Annie & Isabel Hospital Gowns

Freshly Launched :: Annie & Isabel Hospital Gowns
Launched :: Anna Ryan and Selena Srabian

LaunchHER says ::  We are constantly amazed at the women-owned busineses that crossed our path.  One of the very first we “met” when we aquired LaunchHER was Annie & Isabel Hospital Gowns.  When Anna and Selena sent their {freshly launch} application our way, our first thought was… why didn’t we know about these years ago?  As moms, women who have been in the hospital, and visited those under medical care, we so appreciate these amazing gowns!  What a fabulous way to give a gift of love and decency to what can be a stressful time!  The fact that Anna and Selena are nurses, and design from their experiences… well, that sealed the deal for us – LOVE!  We so enjoyed reading about their inspiration – we know you will too!

In HER words ::

Anyone having had the experience of being hospitalized, whether  for an illness, or the more joyous occasion of bringing a new life into the world, has probably had the less than wonderful experience of donning the standard hospital gown.  We, too, have had the experience of wearing these gowns as both new mothers and as patients.  As nurses, we hand out these lovely gowns to our patients on a daily basis.  We find it often embarrassing to ask our patients to wear gowns that are worn out, stained and often torn. 
About two years ago, we both realized that, as nurses, we could come up with a design for a hospital gown that would make patients feel beautiful, completely cover them up, meet hospital standards and, in turn, help to make them feel better and heal faster.  We firmly believe and always tell our patients that when you look good you feel better.  That is how our company, Annie & Isabel, was born. 
Annie & Isabel hospital gowns are made of 100% high quality cotton with a fashionable pleat in the front.  Most importantly, the gowns wrap around the back and tie on the side, providing full coverage in the back.  We have also provided a nice pocket on the side for essentials such as lip gloss or cell phones.  Our customers can choose from six different fabric styles.
As nurses, we feel honored and proud to be in our profession. We are privileged to go to work every day in the hospital and help people who are often so vulnerable. For us, Annie & Isabel hospital gowns are a way to make patients feel more dignified, respected and beautiful. Wearing their own gown provides a small way in which patients can stay in control of their hospital experience and feel unique. We can’t wait to get our gowns out into the world to bring smiles to those patients who wear them, as well as to the doctors and nurses caring for these patients. We promise that any patient wearing these gowns will be the talk of the hospital staff!!!
The name “Annie and Isabel” honors our great-grandmother, Annie, and our grandmother, Isabel. We were so blessed to have our great-grandmother in our lives. Annie was a selfless, spirited woman and role model to many generations in our family as she lived to the age of ninety-eight. Our grandmother, Isabel, was a beautiful and loving woman who died of pancreatic cancer when we were young. She is the reason that we are both nurses today. Our childish dreams included the wish of naming our future daughters after these women who were so dear to our hearts. Six boys later, we are honoring our grandmothers in another way. Their names will live on with our new business venture….. “Annie and Isabel”.

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