Freshly Launched :: Flawed Perfection Jewelry

Freshly Launched ::  Flawed Perfection Jewelry
Launched :: Megan Reynolds

LaunchHER says :: Before we even saw her incredible designs, we were captivated by Megan’s company tag line :: “from natural flaws… to design perfection.”  Now that we’ve seen, touched, and worn these fabulous pieces, we know those words to be true – design perfection!  We are thrilled to share Flawed Perfection Jewelry with you today, and are looking forward to meeting Megan when we meet her at the Creative Estates Conference in April!

In HER words ::
Flawed Perfection Jewelry was born from my passion for jewelry, natural gemstones, and pearls. I have enjoyed making jewelry since I was 10 years-old, but I found my true passion at 16. The name for the company just came to me one day, and I have never looked back. After graduating from high school in 2009, I officially “opened for business” and continued to discover what exactly I wanted my brand to be.
Over the past six months, business has really grown, just as my vision for the company has become clearer. Although I still create custom and one of a kind designs, I mostly create cluster designs. With the exception of my new mini pendants, most of my cluster designs are medium to large in size, making each detail of the gemstones and clusters a focus. I also make Molecule bracelets and pendant that are made up of pearls and accent stones. The top-drilled beads come together in a way that resembles molecular structures! My company’s tag line, “from natural flaws…to design perfection” perfectly describes the way I feel about every one of my designs. Instead of picking “flawless” gemstones, I choose to highlight and celebrate the “flaws” that comes with something from nature. When the gemstones are combined into a piece of jewelry, the flaws just became a part of the design and help make it perfection! Even though my designs are reproducible, no two are exactly alike because of this.
Flawed Perfection Jewelry is truly an extension of myself! I’ve always had trouble fitting in with other people my own age, and my company has allowed me to spend time and exchange ideas with other driven people, regardless of our ages. For a shy girl like me, my company has been a way for me to meet new people and break out of my shell. Because I’m passionate about my company, I am more self-confident and have to courage to share with others what Flawed Perfection Jewelry is all about! I feel blessed to be able to have something special to share with the world!
Find Megan and Flawed Perfection Jewelry at her online store, on Etsy, and follow Megan on Twitter to stay up to speed on the latest news!
Just for LaunchHER readers :: Enter code: “launchher” for 15% off your purchase at Flawed Perfection Jewelry!  Expires November 1, 2010.


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    These earrings and necklaces are so juicy looking, I love this line. Very pretty!

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