Freshly Launched :: Lehla Shop

Freshly Launched :: Lehla Shop
Launched :: Lisa Hill

LaunchHER says ::
We first connected with Lehla Shop and its owner, Lisa Hill, a few weeks ago, when a friend on Twitter recommended we check out her products.  And since then, it’s been a love affair with her handmade creations and sassy, witty style.  Can’t wait to see what’s coming for this incredible entrepreneur!

In HER words ::

I am a Jersey girl, born & raised…until about two years ago.   I traded in my Jersey Shore and am now a southern girl where I resides in Louisana with my husband, Mark and my daughter Gianna (3). I am currently living my small dream – writing, designing and meeting FABulous people. In 2009, I founded Lehla Shop (Lehla stands for Lisa Elaine Hill Louisiana), a custom shop full of handmade goodies and couture tutus that quickly blossomed into a successful business.  When I first started on the well known, all things hand-made site, Etsy, I wasn’t expecting to expand into what Lehla Shop is today.  

As a crafty, creative, hard working MOMpreneur, I have a great enthusiastic attitude. I have always dreamed living a high style life and going from small time to big time! I am a closet artist and writer and am currently having my first children’s book edited with hopes of seeing it on shelves someday so I can read it to my own daughter.

When I am not busy with yards of tulle or painting my next graffiti sneaker, you can catch me making my way in the blogging world sharing things on the Lehla Shop blog and my life confessions on the MOMpreneur Diaries. I am also a contributing writer to the well-known, celeb loving blog Sprinkles, part of cupcakeMAG.

With my addiction to all things fashionable, my passion for designing and LOVE for fashion led me to participate in the 30th Annual News & Documentary Emmy Awards swag bags and the Babes in Toyland 3 celebrity gifting where I connected with well-known, not to mention down-to earth Hollywood actress, Tori Spelling. (my hero!)

Lehla Shop made it’s mark in the world when I designed custom shirts for Liam, son of Beverly Hills 90210 alumni, Tori Spelling. The were featured on her reality show, Tori & Dean, Home Sweet Hollywood on Oxygen where I also provided tutu’s for Tori’s party guests as well. In addition, Lehla Shop was one of the preferred boutique gifts at a recent baby shower hosted by Tori Spelling in August for Bill Horn and Scout Masterson, also known as “The Guncles”.

Stay tuned for more things to come from Lehla Shop, as I hope my many future ventures evolve! I have high hopes that my bigger dreams will come true soon!

Be sure to follow Lisa through her personal blog, visit her shop, and find her on Twitter!!
Just for LaunchHER readers ::  mention LaunchHER in your etsy order and receive 10% off PLUS free shipping!


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