Freshly Launched :: {So}Sartina

Freshly Launched :: {So}Sartina
Launched :: Kristina and Sara

LaunchHER says ::  We love family businesses, and applaud these twins’ entrepreneurial spirit!  Their unique name first caught our eye, and when we checked out their handmade goodies, we were hooked!!  We are dedicated to {giving a boost} to woman-owned brands, and it’s such a joy to feature a business just as it’s getting started!

In HER words ::

My twin sister, Sara, and I have just launched {So}Sartina, an Etsy shop where we sell limited edition purses, totes, computer bags and accessories.  Each bag comes adorned with a hand-folded and stitched rose pin. We’ve been sewing clothing, quilts, home décor and bags since we were kids, and have dabbled in crafts from all the aisles of the hobby store.
Growing up, we were always together. We went to the same college, graduating with different majors, Kristina with a BS in business and an “M.r.s.” and Sara with a degree in English. Kristina had her first child and first family business the year after graduation. Sara went on to work in the publishing industry for 10 years and joined Kristina in the rank of SAHM in 2009. We are both thrilled to finally be mothers together.
{So}Sartina’s beginning was fueled by Kristina’s confidence gained by watching her entrepreneurial husband. If he could be so bold, why not she? And why not combine talents with her sister? So Kristina began by designing a fun bag for her new netbook. Once she started she couldn’t stop.
We must admit a certain amount of (fun) twin competition exists in our creative endeavors, which we now use to our advantage as our strengths enhance each other.  We are excited, now that we are both stay-at-home moms, to be setting out on this venture together. As craft fads come and go, we always seem to find ourselves bent over our trusty sewing machines again.
Our vision for {So}Sartina is to provide limited edition bags and accessories made from a wide variety of wonderful fabrics.  Our line presently includes messenger bags made to fit netbooks and ipads, multi-purpose sacks, accessory sleeves, purses for little girls, and extras such as interchangeable rose pins, business card pockets, and lanyards. Sartina is obviously a merging of our names. It also happens to mean “Seamstress” in Italian – which would be even cooler if we weren’t Norwegian!
Keep up with the latest with Kristina her blog and Twitter!  Don’t miss a fabulous step with {So}Sartina with their company’s Twitter and website
Just for LaunchHER readers ::

Add coupon code {So}Launched to the notes of your Etsy order to receive 20% off!  Good through November 14, 2010 (the twin’s birthday!).  Please note :: wait until you receive discounted invoice, to pay through Paypal! Happy shopping!!  

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