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Hello, Friends!
A couple of months ago, a local magazine came out with their 30 Under 30 list of local movers and shakers to watch. That’s when it hit me: with the 11th celebration of my 29th birthday looming (exactly 40 days from today, as a matter of fact), the clock was ticking for ME to make anyone’s Under 40 list.
Because I am not typically one to sit around and wait for things to happen, I am making it happen for myself today. Oh, and 39 other women-owned brands who continually knock my socks off. Some of these fabulous gals I know in real life, others I will soon meet for the first time, and the rest, well, I would love nothing more than to meet you when we take LaunchHER LIVE events to select cities around the country beginning soon.
Without further adieu, I present to you, the LaunchHER Top 40 Under 40 women-Owned Brands.
(Oh, and because for the last ten years I have been relegated to the end of all things alphabetical, Hello, Reverse Alphabetical!)
Read, Follow, Enjoy!!


Kara Jensen Zitnick; Jensen Zitnick, PA; LaunchHER


After obtaining a Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science from South Dakota State University (Go Jacks!), I relocated to the Twin Cities to attend law school. During law school, I became involved in pharmaceutical litigation, representing injured individuals against Big Pharma. After graduating from Hamline University School of Law, I practiced in the Alternative Dispute Resolution area before returning to pharmaceutical litigation. I expanded my practice area a couple years later by litigating civil rights and wrongful death cases in federal court. Always desiring a more balanced life, I struck out on my own in 2009 as both an attorney and an entrepreneur, selling high-end organic baby linens. This year, I refined my focus and now practice in the areas of trademark, copyright, and legal services specifically for entrepreneurs. In August, 2010, Sallisha Armour and I acquired LaunchHER. In the last 8 weeks, LaunchHER has grown by leaps and bounds and is well on its way to establishing itself as the go-to resource and source for women-owned brands, no matter what stage of business.

Rachel Zoe 
Rachel Zoe, celebrity stylist, The Zoe Report, The Rachel Zoe Project
There are very few newsletters and blogs I subscribe to for email updates, but The Zoe Report is one of them. Rachel has been on my radar for at least 5 yrs, as I am all about personal style, couture, and all things fashion. Whether it is through her reality show, web presence, or as an author, Rachel has impressively grown her brand, while staying true to her own personal style. Ah-mazing. | @rzrachelzoe 
Who, What, Wear (Katherine Power, Hilary Kerr)
Katherine and Hillary appeared on my personal radar in August 2009 when the Wall Street Journal (known in my house as “Mommy’s Paper) profiled them. Another one of the very few blogs/websites I subscribe to. They are a go-to resource for me no matter what the season. I adore their model profiles, guest editors, and focus on beauty trends, as well as shopping our closets. Thanks for all of the inspiration, ladies! Your daily emails are one of my top 5 early-morning reads.
Maggie Whitley, Gussy Sews
Don’t let the ruffles and femininity fool you – Maggie is one smart biz lady. Although she is (relatively) young (in a good way, Maggie!), and her handmade ruffled accessories line is fairly new to the marketplace, because of a fantastic product and really intelligent branding, Maggie’s business is growing by leaps and bounds. In a very short while, she was able to quit her full-time job in order to grow Gussy Sews. Can’t wait to see where Gussy Sews goodies show up next!


The Nester, “it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful”
After a few mentions of this amazing blog by my friend Tracy, I finally checked it out to see just what all of her raving was about. Oh. My. Goodness!!! I love every single word this gal writes. Her honesty and real-life projects are just so, well, real. And refreshing. I am especially loving her current series, “31 Days to a Less Messy Nest.” She’s on my list not only for the inspiration I derive from her blog, but also for her cohesive branding. Another smart biz gal who GETS it, especially the importance of trademarking.



 Tiffani Theissen (along with Lonni Paul), PetitNest
As a huge 90210 fan, devoted HGTV watcher, and former eco-entrepreneur, how could I not love Tiffani and Lonni’s PetitNest! With its clean modern lines, beautiful colors and eco-friendly craftsmanship, what’s not to love? Having grown so tired of how much of our society is “throw away,” it warms my heart to see textiles and furniture built to last generations. Almost makes me want to have another little one. Almost.



Jennifer Tharp-Williams, ElliaCNaturals

Jennifer is one of those on my list who I hope to meet IRL sometime soon. I adore her products and the story behind Ellia C Naturals. A busy mom of 4, her new creations always amaze me. Besides really fabulous all-natural handmade soaps, lotions, potions and body mousses, her branding and marketing reflect her truly sweet nature. This company is going places, people. Go get some product and follow her on twitter. Then you can say you knew her when…


Kim Stoegbauer, The TomKat Studio
It’s no surprise to me that Kim’s TomKat Studio has simply rocketed to stardom. I stumbled across Kim’s blog in late 2008, very soon after she started her creative journey. And less than 2 yrs later, Kim is off in NYC meeting Martha Stewart. Amazing!! Her creativity and eye for style works together so well, resulting in a fun and fabulous brand. Absolutely love what you are doing, Kim! |@tomkatstudio

 Tori Spelling, entrepreneur extraordinaire
I honestly don’t know how this hands-on Hollywood mom does it all – actress, author, jewelry designer, kids clothing designer, reality show star, mother and wife! Her creativity and energy are absolutely inspiring. Her designs are so on trend, yet classic enough to keep around for future generations. Love the glimpses into her everyday life she gives us on Home Sweet Hollywood. Her interior decorating and entertaining skills are to die for. Seriously. What’s up next – an entertaining book, perhaps? A girl can hope.
 Alicia Schulman, Alicia Shulman Jewels
Anyone who knows me IRL knows that I LOVE jewelry. The bolder and bigger, the better, is my mantra. So how could I not love Alicia’s creations? Everything about her jewels are just so beyond everything I like in jewelry. And she is a mover and shaker, for sure. Alicia Shulman Jewels appear on the red carpet regularly and are always darlings of the print media. Having shown her wares at New York Fashion Week just last month is simply another rung in the ladder to the top for this beautiful brand.
Stephanie Herseth Sandlin, U.S. Rep., South Dakota
The Honorable Stephanie Herseth Sandlin is South Dakota’s at-large Member of Congress. She is the youngest female member of the House, and the first woman elected to the House of Representatives from South Dakota. She won the at-large seat in a special election on June 1, 2004. Having been friends with Stephanie since 5th grade, back when we both dreamed of being attorneys and opening a law practice together, I know that Stephanie is an elected official and candidate who stays true to her self and her values. Her votes in Congress reflect the principles of the people of South Dakota. Because of her unwaivering commitment to her position and her constituents, her personal brand is one to watch. | Facebook: Stephanie Herseth Sandlin
 Mally Roncal, makeup artist
Is it too much to call a makeup artist a life changer? I think not! Mally calls her uber-wearable products “bullet proof” and I concur! I don’t leave the house without my Mally volumizing mascara, eye shadow sticks, liners and lip shines because they truly are bullet proof. And the snakeskin packaging? To die for. Mally herself? A sweetheart I’d like to meet.
 A Princess Visit, (Christine Cox, Crystal Scott)
A Princess Visit is a premier children’s entertainment company in NYC that specializes in princesses and fairies. The Princesses are portrayed by professional actresses that have been “cast” and trained especially for princess parties. Christine and Crystal are both professional actresses that have extensive experience with children. Working as princesses themselves, they have perfected princess shows that engage children of all ages. And, might I add, super smart business gals! Love their concept and brand so much!
Angela Parks, PreppyPoppy
Angela is another one of those gals I get to meet IRL in just a few short weeks!! We connected a while ago and I fell in love with her preppy style. I heart preppy. (Maybe because I am a child of the 80s?) Angela’s attention to detail with her branding and marketing is second only to the fabulous products she offers. I hear she’s working on something new and BIG. Can’t wait to see what it is. I know it’ll be a great extension of her personal brand.
 Motherly Law (Anna)
Anna is another person I know IRL. In her words, she’s a “work-at-home-mom, contract attorney, professional writer and blogger, surviving the daily hazards of raising two spirited boys.” I met Anna this summer and immediately felt a connection. (Maybe because I have always wanted to be a Texan?) I enjoy her blog immensely and admire her talent of presenting timely legal issues in a relatable way., especially as they pertain to parenthood. Subscribe to her blog to stay in-the-know on all things law and family. | @MotherlyLaw
The Little Seed, (Soleil Moon Frye, Paige Goldberg Tolmach)
I love organics. Anything organic, really. Especially organic fabric, crafted into colorful and cuddly creations for little ones. The Little Seed has been on my radar for awhile, so I was absolutely thrilled to hear about their collaboration with Target. Bringing adorable and affordable organics to the masses is huge. Their website, packaging and overall branding is so spot-on. Love that, too, | @TheLittleSeed

Missy is a marketing maven. She’s a local gal Sallisha and I met just recently through the 1st ever Minnesota Blogger Conference. The event was Missy’s idea! We were fortunate enough to be chosen to present at the conference. And we were honored. Even though Missy doesn’t think of herself as an “event planner,” despite having planned a few events as of late, she is a top notch event planner! Sallisha and I were so impressed with this first-ever event. Her blog is a must-read, too, for timely parenting topics. | @marketingmamamn

Kedrin Likness, Attagirl by Kedrin
Custom crochet creations doesn’t even begin to describe what Kedrin has going on. Necklaces, hats, gloves, capelets – it’s all here! You pick the vegan yarn color and Kedrin creates. Her style is darling, as is her site. And with the temps falling, you need some of these cozy creations. Kedrin’s small out-of-state hometown (1300 peeps) is right next to my small out-of-state hometown (1300 peeps). And here we both are in the big city. It’s a small world, people. | @attagirlcrochet 

Heather Larson, Bundled, The Playful Table
I’m thrilled to be meeting Heather in just a few short weeks. Her style and fun designs for baby, sold under the Bundled name, are so fresh and cute. And now she’s ventured into really neat soft play for kids with Playful Table. Great brand extension, Heather! | @playfultable


Ali Landry, Belle Parish
With Belle Parish, Ali has combined nostalgia, whimsy and timeless elegance into beautiful creations for girls, big and small. Despite being new to the business scene, Belle Parish is already buzz worthy. | @Belle_Parish


One-stop shop for memorable kids’ birthday parties? Oh, yes. Kate Landers offers everything you need to put together the next birthday party in the most charming way possible, with options galore. Enough choices here to satisfy even the most particular of kids and moms. Thanks, Kate!

Kourtney Kardashian, Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, K Dash by Kardashian
Known mostly for their sense of style, the Kardashian sisters are very smart business gals. Whether it’s running their DASH boutiques or hitting the red carpet, they are all about style. Thankfully the sisters have collaborated on a new line offered on QVC, bringing their take on the best of the current trends to the masses. All at an affordable price point. Genius. | @QVC


Coryanne Ettiene, Housewife Bliss
Housewife Bliss is an online lifestyle magazine showcasing instructions in the fine art of homekeeping. With charm and frankness, Coryanne demonstrates divine domesticity. We consider ourselves to be modern wives and mothers, but in the strive to juggle it all, something gets lost. Coryanne is bringing it back. Sallisha and I adore Coryanne’s work and just cannot get enough of it.


Anna Maria Horner, textile designer

I’ve been reading Anna Maria’s blog since its inception a few years ago. Her creativity inspires me with every post. How she churns out new fabric designs twice a year, while raising 5 kids and developing products I don’t know. If she wasn’t so darn charming in person and print, I would be annoyed. Every new textile design group is so unique, but Anna Maria’s personal style is always evident. Great branding, amazing creativity.


Kristina Hansen, Uptown Girl Designs
I have a love affair with paper, and this posh paper boutique is feeding my addiction. She’s been tapped for custom work for some New Jersey Housewives, and it’s no wonder. Nothing but great style here. | @missuptowngirl

Ginger & Liz Colour Collection (S. Liz Pickett and H. Ginger Johnson)
Ginger and Liz Colour Collection is vegan, non-toxic nail color that is taking the beauty world by storm. As a self-confessed nail polish junkie, finally a source for safe polish in of-the-moment shades. It’s about time!

Get Real Girls, (Colleen Lindstrom, Liv Lane)

Saturday mornings on fm107.1, you can hear Colleen and Liv talking about life and living it to the fullest. Their honesty, creativity, and insight into the many roles we as women play keeps me tuning in. Uplifting and informative interviews just add to the positivity of the show. Not in the Twin Cities area? Stream the shows online or download a podcast.


Elise Francesca, Francesca Joy PB
Who doesn’t want a little Palm Beach flair in their everyday life? Elise handpaints gorgeous totes, clothing and home décor with a distinctive and elegant Palm Beach look. Just what I need to survive the long Minnesota winters. | @francescajoy_pb



FootzyRolls (Jenifer and Sarah Caplan)
Savvy biz sisters + fashionistas = footzyrolls. Those who know me IRL know my love of heels – the higher the better. But heels aren’t always conducive to chasing the littles. Oh, and sometimes my feet hurt. Thank goodness for footzyrolls. These rolled flats fit in any bag so I am ready for those spur-of-the-moment park excursions my boys desire. And mommas still looks hip. My feet thank you, Jenifer and Sarah. | @footzyrolls

Lara Field, MS, RD, CSP, LDN; FEED: Forming Early Eating Decisions
Chicago-area pediatric dietician Lara Field offers her expertise to all on her site, blog and Facebook page. Her common-sense advice solves so many food dilemmas for my family and me. Whether you’re dealing with gluten-free, food allergies, or just looking for healthy eating tips, Lara is your gal. | @larafield


Courtney Dial, Pizzazzerie

Courtney is a rising star in the event planning genre and uber creative! She recently quit her full-time job to focus exclusively on Pizzazzerie. I’ve followed her on twitter for awhile and daily ooooh and aaaah over her tablescapes. Visit her site – it’s complete inspiration!
Casi Densmore-Koon, CupcakeMAG, CupcakeMAG for Littles
Counting the days until I meet IRL Casi, the genius editor behind cupcakeMAG. It will be the meeting of the fashionistas! cupcakeMAG is another of the few online mags I subscribe to. Her celebrity interviews and coverage of fashion weeks across the country is ah-mazing. I die. Recent contributing writer additions offer all the latest on beauty products, trends and fab sources for the most darling kids products. Love cupcakeMAG!


Tracy Corcoran, Sweet Harper
People are surprised when Tracy and I tell them we met over twitter, but it’s true! And we live just minutes from each other. Her blog is so refreshing and talks about topics that interest me, inspire me, and cause me to pause and consider. Tracy’s is a teacher, so I love especially her posts relating to school. Beyond helpful! Sweet Harper is the other blog I subscribe to. Can’t live without my Sweet Harper blog fix. And my nieces can’t live without Sweet Harper hair clips. Preppy and practical and oh so sweet. | @sweetharper
Jenny Cookson-Ford, Monkey-Toes Shoes
Who knew handpainted shoes for kids could be so whimsical and fun? Jenny’s creations rock! She’s a hardworking biz gal who’s achieved a ton of success with Monkey-toes shoes. She’s going national next year and has other really fabulous things in the works. An amazing woman-owned brand. | @monkeytoesshoes, @Jenny_LovesThis

Gee Gee’s bold brush strokes and harmonious colorful palette combine to create layers of paint applied with broad brushes as well as painting knives. She approaches the canvas with ease and spontaneity, resulting in paintings filled with energy and movement. It’s the “joie de vivre” in her paintings which has quickly attracted collectors across the country. Visit her site or select galleries around the country. Your walls will be glad you did.


Want to know more about LaunchHER? Contact us at or at 952-412-5172. You can find us at or on Twitter @LaunchHER.


  1. Sweet Harper says:

    What an honor to be included amongst this incredible group of women! Kara, you always inspire me, and I am blessed to also call you a friend. A little early, but…Happy, ahem, 29th Birthday!!! xoxo

  2. Kate Landers Events, LLC © 2009 says:

    Wow! What a truly amazing privilege and honor to be included on your list amongst these most amazing women who inspired me daily (Kara and Sallisha included, of course!). Thank you so very much!!!–Kate Landers

  3. Oh my, that is quite a list of talented and accomplished women! I was surprised and honored to find my name there! Thank you so very much! I instantly felt a connection with you too! I love what you and Sallisha are doing with LaunchHER!

    Thanks again,
    Anna from Motherly Law

  4. LaunchHER says:

    Thrilled to have included each of you. Well-deserved! Looking forward to seeing what is coming next for you and your busineses!

  5. Jennscalligraphy says:

    So amazing to see such awesome women!!

  6. Kim - The TomKat Studio says:

    Thank you so much for including me on this AMAZING list! I can't wait to get to know some of the other fabulous ladies featured!

  7. Congrats to all the party ladies featured in this awesome list!!


  8. Lisa Stone says:

    Congrats to all of you! What an honor to be working with some of you myself!

  9. What an amazing list of women … I am beyond thrilled to be included! Looking forward to our real life meet up! What a great weekend we have in store for us!

  10. Housewife Bliss says:

    Blushing and grinning from ear to ear– what a fabulous list, and to be included is a fabulous honour, thank you ever so much.

  11. Motivating Mum says:

    Hi ladies, loved the list – it was really interesting to read about so many inspirational women! Maybe a list next on women OS that
    you've discovered and love? I know that you must have found a few on Twitter!

    Cheers! Alli


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  3. […] the past 12 months, our tongue-in-cheek 40 Under 40 list of women-owned brands has become our most-read post. While the idea behind that list was to fulfill Kara’s personal goal of being named to a 40 […]

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