Freshly Launched :: Anders Ruff Custom Designs

Freshly Launched :: Anders Ruff Custom Designs
Launched :: Maureen Anders and Adria Ruff

LaunchHER says ::
From our first introduction to Maureen and Adria’s incredible women-owned business, we were drooling over their creativity, their sassy style, and their amazing products!  Not only do their designs make us giddy with excitement (and want to throw a party!), but their business savvy and entrepreneurial spirit is exciting and inspirational!  Check out these women and join us in our love for Anders Ruff Custom Designs!

In HER words ::

We are Anders Ruff Custom Designs (Maureen Anders and Adria Ruff).  We were complete strangers until a preschool open-house in January 2010.  In the hallway before parting, we realized that we had a lot in common – the love of all things paper, design and parties.  From there a wonderful friendship formed and we decided to embark upon a business together.  With both of us devoted and passionate about graphic design, we hoped to change the face of celebration style for those who love it as well.
We are focused on creating printable graphic designs that are geared towards accessorizing celebrations.  
With the boom in demand for everything personalized in the party planning market, we decided to offer custom graphic designs tailored to themed events.  More and more people want quick turnarounds when they are planning parties and so offering our designs as DIY printable packages seemed to be the way to go.  Not only does that allow for an economical product but it gives our creative clients flexibility to print the designs as many times as they need and use them in a variety of ways.
Our designs include everything from invitations and thank you notes, to favor tags, cupcake toppers, water bottle wraps, food labels, address labels, banners, party signs and more.  We format our designs as a printable digital file with instructions that make styling a party unique and cost efficient.
Our style ranges from classic and contemporary to vintage and hip.  Our contrasting styles allow us to appeal to a large client base.
Our photographer, Becca Bond, put it best… “Maureen (Anders) has a classic chic style, with a sweet and charming personality to match.  Adria (Ruff) is as vivacious as they come, with an edgy, vintage-inspired style.  Both of these elements work so beautifully together to make their work stand apart from anything I’ve seen.”
You can follow Anders Ruff Custom Designs on Facebook, Twitter, and through their Blog!  Be sure to check out their shop to find out more about these incredible entrepreneurs!
Just for LaunchHER readers :: Enter code “LaunchHER” in the notes to seller during check out and receive FREE printable Advent Calendar Cones or printable Sant Gift Tags.  Please specify your choice in the notes.  Happy shopping!


  1. Anders Ruff Custom Designs says:

    We are SO excited to be "launched"! Thank you Kara and Sallisha for giving women owned brands an opportunity to shine!

  2. Thrilled to feature you today! What an inspirations partnership and fantastic brand!

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