Freshly Launched :: ellasport

Freshly Launched :: ellasport
Launched :: Pamela Oelerich

LaunchHER says ::  Those who know me well know where to find me most days from 9-11 am.  I am at my local gym, taking a couple of classes, or on the eliptical (while watching Real Housewives re-runs on Bravo!).  When ellasport shared their business with us, not only did we love the look of their incredible athletic wear, but were thrilled with their approach to making workout gear that actually FITS!  Great job, Pamela!

In HER words ::

Whether you are a seasoned athlete or a new mom getting back into shape you cannot be worried about your tank top or shorts riding up or being too short while you are working out!    
Though ellasport was officially founded in 2006, development began when I kicked my first soccer ball at age 6 and complained to my mom, “my shorts fit funny”.  Frustration with the fit of my athletic apparel started early in life and was an issue as I grew up and shopped for apparel in different sports.  I thought there was something wrong with my body because the apparel didn’t fit me properly.   The whole experience made me feel terrible about myself! However, I noticed that when I wore the one tank and Capri pants that fit me well and that I feel good in, I always had an amazing workout no matter what I was doing!  I thought to myself, if only all my workout clothes made me feel this good about myself, I would workout so much more!

On that day, ellasport was born and my mission made clear: to provide every woman with athletic apparel that is designed to complement her body and make her feel good about herself.  More importantly, I want to empower women to find their inner confidence and motivated self – the one that knows no limits – so they can reach their health and fitness goals.  

It’s important for me to design the garments in a way that complements the natural female shape.  I believe that when you wear workout apparel that fits well and looks good too, your confidence soars and you are unstoppable – ready to take on the world one mile at a time!  There are two essential components to achieve this — the fit and the fabric.  For example, our tanks and tees are smaller at the top and waist and wider over the hip.  This allows you to move freely without extra bulk.  The materials we use are the highest quality performance fabrics available.  Aside from delivering amazing performance based benefits like moisture-wicking, 4-way stretch, and a silky smooth feel against your skin, the fabrics also play an important part in complementing the feminine shape.   For example, the New Power Capris are made of a Tactelâ/Nylon/Lycraâ.  It is dense enough to hide imperfections, and it gives the wearer a slimming  – dare I say sexy – fit and feel.  
As a life-long athlete, health and fitness has always been an important part of my life.  I know there’s nothing like that incredible feeling of power, joy and accomplishment after a really hard-core Spinâ class or a long tough run.  Working out helps you relieve stress, feel empowered and get fit.  Workout apparel that fits your body and looks good on you is the foundation for any rewarding sweat session!
You can stay up to speed with ellasport on Twitter, or by reading up (and checking out great videos!) on their site!
Just for LaunchHER readers ::  Use code LaunchHER and receive 15% off your total order through New Years Eve!!  (12/31/10)


  1. We're receiving so many comments that Sallisha should wear ellasport in her next race! Congrats, Pamela – you're a huge hit!

  2. Awesome!! Thank you so much for the write-up!

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