Freshly Launched :: StormSister Spatique

Freshly Launched :: StormSister Spatique
Launched ::  Becky Sturm

LaunchHER says ::  There are so many reasons to love Storm Sister Spatique… they’re local here to the Twin Cities!, they have a great family story, and well… their products rock!  An incredible entrepreneur, Becky Sturm has developed the Storm Sister Spatique brand from a storefront in St. Paul into an exclusively online shopping experience.

In HER words ::
I grew up in my grandmothers’ beauty shop and have been a hairdresser for more than 23 years. I graduated from Minneapolis Horst Education Center, today known as The Aveda Institute, in 1985. My passion to explore new and unique products combined with my drive to educate my clients facilitated the growth of my passion for retail during my salon/spa years. Eventually, my entrepreneurial spirit pushed me to
start my own online shopping business. The website’s success (also known as StormSister Spatique) enabled me to open the brick and mortar version of StormSister Spatique in November 2006.

Having an online boutique for 5+ years as well as a storefront for 4 years has inspired me to move forward with development of my own beauty/grooming product. (Shhh!!! It’s a secret for now!)

Recently, with my focus on moving forward with the StormSisters products, I made the difficult decision to close my storefront and concentrate fully on my necessary next steps: locating an investor, product development and developing the StormSister Spatique’s online shopping experience. This truly is the next
logical step for my StormSister Spatique brand.

So, where did “StormSister” come from?  When my sister and I owned our spa together, we had a client who called us the “Storm Sisters” whenever he greeted us. Sturm = Storm in German. When I left the salon/spa to open my online/storefront retail boutique, ‘StormSister’ just felt right.

Did you know that PEZ is the official StormSister Spatique candy? Much of my heritage is from Austria/Germany and since PEZ is originally from Austria I wanted a fun candy from that region to be part of the StormSister Spatique experience. A fun-size PEZ is included with each online order and with each purchase.

Want to learn more about StormSisters?  Follow Becky on Twitter or on Facebook.  You can keep up to date through her blog also!

Just for LaunchHER readers ::  enter LaunchHER at checkout to receive 20% off your entire boutique purchase!


  1. Sweet Harper says:

    Love finding local women owned businesses to support! Love the idea and can't wait to see the reveal of the product line! Congrats Becky!


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