Freshly Launched :: You! Lingerie

Freshly Launched :: You! Lingerie
Launched ::  Uyo Okebie-Eichelberger

Launch HER says :: Calling all fashionista mommies!  Okay, confession time… checking out You! Lingerie made me think, “OMG.  I would love to be pregnant again just to wear these!”  I’m sure that you’ll agree that the You! Lingerie products are positively incredible.  Even more, Uyo struck us as a kindred spirit, as a woman who left a promising and lucrative career in corporate America to become a mom-preneur.  We counted down to Uyo’s October launch with her, and we are thrilled to share You! Lingerie with you today!

In HER words ::

It’s no secret that beautiful lingerie can make a woman feel fabulous and boost her self-confidence. This does not change when a woman is pregnant or breastfeeding. I believe it’s even more critical during this time to look and feel sexy. Yet, so many expecting and breastfeeding moms settle and replace their once fab lingerie drawer with drab maternity and nursing underwear because of limited options.
That was the situation I found myself in 2009, after the birth of my daughter. I became frustrated after searching high and low for affordable nursing bras that did not look like something my grandmother would wear. Like me, the vast majority of women have to choose between the default functional nursing bras that are usually void of color and pizazz. Or they can choose to find something more exotic but most are left with sticker shock from exorbitantly priced nursing lingerie that may not provide the comfort and fit they seek.
I have always had an eye for fashion but chose to pursue an MBA and a role as brand manager at a Fortune 100 company. However, after performing some initial “market research” and nudging from my husband, I decided to trade in my long days managing Kraft’s Mac & Cheese brand for even longer days & nights as a mompreneur.  I passionately believed in the idea that breastfeeding moms could have the best of both worlds – fashionable and affordable! So I took matters into my hands, resulting in the playful, flirty but affordable You! Lingerie brand.
The mission of You! Lingerie is to make breastfeeding mommies feel confident and look beautiful everyday! I believe that pregnancy and breastfeeding are beautiful, so why wear unflattering lingerie or pay an exuberant amount for beautiful ones? Our fabrics, designs and colors are made with a fashion-minded mom in mind. They exude luxurious sensuality, playful styles and femininity in its wearer without sacrificing quality and the functionality of discreet feeding, support and comfort. Basically, giving mommies an Affordable Luxury!

We just launched in Oct but you can already find us in 18 stores across the US and Europe.

You can find You! Lingerie on Twitter and Facebook, and you’ll want to visit their online store

Just for LaunchHER readers ::

Receive a 15% off Discount on your order! Visit You! Lingerie online store and enter coupon code LauchHER15 at checkout until December 15.  The perfect gift for the holidays!! 


  1. Wohoo for You!

  2. Selena and Anna says:

    What a WONDERFUL product!!! My sister and I with our 6 boys always complained about the ugly.. saggy… bras that we wore while nursing our children… and really, you spend A LOT of time in those bras… so, for Uyo to pretty them up is really exciting! Congratulations Uyo for following you dream!

  3. Uyo Okebie-Eichelberger says:

    Thank you SOOOO much Selena and Anna!!!

    I started You! Lingerie because I thought there was a need for pretty, sexy & high quality nursing bras that didn't cost an arm and leg.

  4. Anastasia says:

    Good job Uyo! Looking beautiful is serious business, you know….lol.


    MediaPlus, Nigeria

  5. 4th baby is due in Jan/Feb and I'm just starting to replace my nursing-wear. Found this via Emily's Island blog and ordered my first set – Berry Monroe. Very excited to be done with the blah beige! Will you be considering a non-maternity line for the nursing moms who fall in love with the product and want to continue with the line once nursing is over? (I always thought wedding photographers should agressively market maternity/kiddie portraits to their satisfied newlyweds, kind of the same idea…)

  6. Uyo Okebie-Eichelberger says:

    Hi Anna! Thank you SOOOOO much for your purchase and for being a fan:)

    Hmmmm, i never thought of starting a non-maternity line…but that's definitely an interesting take. Thanks for the idea!!!

    Although, i must confess i have gotten lots of emails from happy mamas saying that these nursing bras are so cute and such a great buy that they plan to continue to wear them post nursing! I mean let's face it, they could definitely pass as your mainstream bras besides the mommy clips:)


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