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You Had Me At Hello —
5 Considerations For Hiring An Attorney
Kara J. Jensen Zitnick, Esq.
Jensen Zitnick, P.A.
Twitter :: @LaunchHERLaw

The material contained herein is meant as general information only and should not be taken as legal advice. No attorney-client relationship exists as a result of merely reading this article. Should you require legal assistance, you may inquire further via email at

Through the course of past LaunchHER :: Law articles and the legal topics discussed, I’ve nearly always recommended you seek out legal counsel for questions and specific advice regarding each topic and how it may relate to your small business. As a result, so many of you are left wanting to know what to look for when seeking out an attorney to handle such business matters. To assist you in your search, here are what I consider to be five important considerations when searching for a small business attorney.

1. Experience In order for you to get the most out of an attorney-client relationship, an attorney who has had actual experience or first-hand knowledge of your industry, craft or endeavo,r will serve you both well as you will likely be starting off the relationship with the same base knowledge.

2. Relatability Is this person someone you feel a connection with? Can you relate to each other, either because of similar backgrounds, life experiences, or other commonalities?

3. Fees Don’t be shy about asking the attorney about their fees and their fee structure. No matter how much you think their experience and background matches up with your business, if you can’t afford the fees, you might as well move on and keep looking. It doesn’t make sense to put your entire profit stream in jeopardy just to secure legal protection for your business.
4. Rapport How does a conversation with the potential attorney make you feel — energized, optimistic, relieved? At a minimum, an attorney-client relationship with mutual respect for each other’s talents and abilities can go a long way toward building a positive professional relationship.

5. Sincerity also known as “the smarmy factor.” Let’s face it, every profession has its share of smarmy people. The legal profession may seem to have more than its fair share, but hopefully you have no personal experience in this area. When you speak with an attorney for the first time, you should be able to tell whether the attorney truly cares about having you and your business as a client. Are their comments just a lot of puffery? Do they seem to promise a lot for a very small fee? Sincerity is a quality that is tough to fake. You either are a sincere person or you aren’t, in my opinion. Whatever that feeling is deep in your gut about the attorney you are interviewing, whether they are trustworthy and honest go with it. When was the last time that feeling was wrong?

©2010 Kara J. Jensen Zitnick, Esq. All rights reserved
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Jensen Zitnick, P.A.

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