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LaunchHER says :: Kara here today. I just had to pop into the blog and share with you all a brand-spankin’ new venture that I am loving — Diary of a Domestic Failure. Angela Parks, of Preppy Poppy fame, is embarking on a year-long journey to become the next June Cleaver and she invites you to join her. I am so.on.board. While Angela is trading her pumps for an apron, I personally am just adding an apron (love my heels too much!).

A week ago at this time I was actually on a plane, traveling to Angela’s lovely home for an In Real Life look at her failures. Well, let me tell you, in my opinion, Angela is not a complete domestic failure. How do I know? My first clue was her magazine-perfect home. Gorgeous, classy, warm, inviting and completely family- and dog-friendly. Not an easy decorating feat to pull off, for sure. My second clue? She was the most gracious hostess. Even though this was our first IRL meeting, Angela, her husband and 2 darling girls welcomed us with open arms. But Angela assures me things may not always be as they seem; hence, her 365 journey.

Angela has a very clear plan to remedy her domestic short-comings: a Domestic Bucket List. (Um, genius!!) So as not to not overwhelm, the Domestic Bucket List consists of 300 tasks, each can be accomplished in under a day and will put you closer to being a Domestic Success. My top ten personal faves:

7. Today I will not procrastinate
15. Hang a photo collage with the multiple frames I’ve accumulated
23. Create a photo scrap book of the boys from birth
41. Do not raise my voice (unless absolutely necessary) for the entire day
53. Create Cork Boards for Homework achievements, photos, art work, etc
62. Flush Drains w/ Vinegar
122. Buy water carafe for guest rooms
131. Make homemade butter
141. Bleach all white linens
292. Create a family tradition
What I am totally loving about Ang’s new venture (she’s known as “Ang” to her friends), is complete honesty regarding her feelings toward all things domestic.  Ang doesn’t cook and readily admits her failed attempts at a crock-pot pot roast.  But she aspires to perfecting pot roast.  Love that!  I mean, as modern women, with our family and business and professional obligations and aspirations, don’t we all crave a home space that is like a giant warm hug?  I know I do.  Right now, I crave a warm, welcoming, comforting space for my family and me, so I am joining Ang on this exciting venture.  After all, I reallly do believe we can have it all.

Won’t you come aboard for the journey?

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  1. Sweet Harper says:

    I love it too! Looking forward to all of her trials, I know I am far from perfect in the domestic zone 😉

  2. I think we may all need to take on the "Bucket List" together!

  3. I love this! I need to make a list like this! Can't wait to read and follow along! So proud of you Angela! muah! xoxo

  4. Diary of a Domestic Failure says:

    Thank you for the exposure and for all of the love. It isn't easy to open a window to your life, but I felt like doing Diary of a Domestic Failure would give me the jumpstart I needed to become a better homemaker, mother and wife!

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