LaunchHER Scoop :: Lordy, Lordy, look who’s 40!

Hello, friends! Sallisha here. I’m hijacking the LaunchHER blog today for a very important reason… to celebrate the 40th birthday of my friend and business partner, Kara Jensen Zitnick, Esq!  Before you think… “Oh my goodness, I can’t believe Sallisha is telling us how old Kara is!”  Let me remind you that Kara announced to the world the upcoming 11th celebration of her 29th birthday in our LaunchHER 40 under 40 :: Profiles of Women-Owned Brands this past October… So, I think that announcement gives me the right to celebrate Kara’s 40th with our LaunchHER friends. Yes?  Yes!

Most of you are familiar with Kara Jensen Zitnick, Esq. as the “attorney half” of the LaunchHER team.  Yes, Kara is an experienced attorney, specializing in the needs of the small-business owner. And, it’s wearing that “hat” that she’s gotten to  know so many of you… through her much-acclaimed LaunchHER Law series, through her insights on Twitter, and through her partnering with you as legal clients.  Anyone who knows Kara professionally knows that she is the best of the best – the attorney that you want on your team, when starting or developing your business.

But today, as we celebrate this exciting milestone of turning 29… again… I want to share with you more about Kara – the woman that I am so very honored to call not only my business partner, but also my dear and precious friend. 

All of us who have the joy of knowing Kara ‘in real life’ know that, above all else, she is a woman of absolute integrity.  She is a cherished wife and, with her husband, is raising two young boys to be men of character and wisdom.  Whether it be cooking for her family or working with a client or leading our “Moms” group… Kara performs every task, every “job” with absolute excellence.  She is creative, funny, witty, and a true pleasure to be around.  Plus… she has a FABULOUS sense of style. :)

But, beyond that… on a good day, a bad day, when I have a funny story to share, need to vent, or maybe just need some encouragement, Kara is my first phone call.  She is the friend that we all search for, but so few of us find.  Today, and every day, I am thankful for the blessings that I have been given in this friendship and am grateful to partner together with Kara through LaunchHER. 

Happy 40th Birthday, Kara!  May this year ahead be one of incredible success, blessings beyond measure, and overwhelming joy!


  1. Sweet Harper says:

    Happy Birthday Kara! Sallisha, I couldn't have said it better…Kara is an amazing woman and friend.

  2. Selena and Anna says:

    Happy Birthday Kara!!! I just celebrated my 40th yesterday :-) Looking forward to some wonderful years in the 40's!!!


  3. Kelly - WH Hostess says:

    Happy, Happy Birthday, Kara! Hope you have a great day!

  4. monkey-toes says:

    yay! Happy Birthday you wonderful lady! And cheers to many many more. I wish I could be with you drinking martini's and eating all your cake! :)

  5. Salli- You said it best…she is truly amazing! Happy Birthday, Kara!!!!!
    Jes K.

  6. A Princess Visit says:

    We hope you had a very royal birthday Queen Kara!!

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