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If your weekend agenda looks anything like mine, you are looking forward to the annual family Holiday photo as well as many opporunities for great candids with parties and programs galore.  And if you are as type-A as me, you’ve already laid out outfits and brainstormed color schemes to try to get that perfect shot so that those receiving the card will think that my 6,4 and 1 year old are perfect, gorgeous angels who weren’t just throwing Cheerios at eachother this morning.
We’re thrilled that Molly Vernon from Luxaby Baby and Child is joining us today with the Holiday Photo How-to! Molly is a 30-something mother of two who has grown her business from a dream that launched in January 2009 to a thriving retail business with both an online presense and storefront.  She has been wonderfully successful, and we are looking forward to learning more from her experiences in our LaunchHER :: PRO series!  Enjoy!  (And smile for those photos!!)


The Holiday Photo How-to :: by Molly Vernon of Luxaby Baby and Child

‘Tis the season for holiday gatherings which often means the token holiday picture of your family. What began as a simple card with a message of good cheer has turned into a stressful event that you prepare for and think about all year! The Holiday Card is a chance to show off your gorgeous family and put them in the homes of every single person you know. Now, what to wear:

1.Pick one color that works with your favorite background. Silver is a fabulous color and looks great on both boys and girls and with any surrounding. My favorite piece this year is the Silver Damask Dress by Rachel Riley paired with her gorgeous silver slipper shoes for the girls and a Baby CZ Silver Cashmere Cable sweater for the boys which they can layer over a button-down shirt of any color. I would suggest Navy which really pops and gives mom and dad a chance to wear something navy-fabulous.

2. Coordinate colors but don’t match perfectly. If you have one dress that you absolutely love for one child – work around it. Don’t buy the same exact item for the other siblings – choose something in the same tones, but that is more suited for each child. This Papo D’Anjo Tartan dress is a mix of beautiful blues and greens. For an older child, I chose a Papo D’Anjo liberty print blouse in the same hues and topped it with a gorgeous royal blue velvet blazer. For the boy, I chose a Vineyard Vines button-down collared in shirt which also carries the same blues and greens and layered it with a Green Cable Sweater from Vineyard Vines as well. The result is a coordinating family shot which also depicts the personalities of each child.

3. If you are dressing twins it is fun to mix and match, but buying the same dress for both is a no-no. If you can find a style that you love, see if you can find it in two different prints. Or, if you find a print that you love see if there are two different styles available in that print. Here, I have the Chloe Dress by Baby CZ. A gorgeous ruffled silk dress that is hard for any mom of twin girls to pass up! Choose one in the Navy with Cream dot and the other is a gorgeous Wine color with pink dots. Same dress, but two different prints looks adorable when put together and speaks to each child’s coloring and personality.

4. My most important holiday picture tip is to have fun! I am a big fan of candids – capturing a moment of silliness, playfulness where there is personality and you don’t all look like statues of yourselves. Have fun and enjoy being together as a family because that is exactly what you want your holiday picture to show – your love for one another.
Happy Holidays from Luxaby Baby & Child!
You can find out more about Molly by following her on Twitter or checking out her website! Look for more to come from this dynamic entrepreneur through our LaunchHER :: PRO series! 


  1. Anonymous says:

    This gives me great ideas for our photo this weekend..-thanks!

  2. LOVE the navy and silver idea! Such cute clothes…

  3. Amazing tips! Love the idea of wearing silver instead of the go-to holiday greens and reds!

  4. Great article! I love the idea of silver and totally agree with not being too matchy-matchy. Luxaby Baby is a wonderful store with only the best clothes and accessories for kids (& they give back generously to the community).

  5. "navy-fabulous" … love it! will be my motto for holiday parties this season. great article!

  6. Sarah at The Stroller Ballet says:

    Great suggestions! I, too, never thought of silver but absolutely love the idea of it!!

  7. Brooke Day says:

    A wonderful fresh perspective! Everyone needs help pulling it all together – thanks for all of the great tips Molly!


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