Freshly Launched :: Little Pea

Freshly Launched :: Little Pea

Launched :: Sara McMahon

LaunchHER says :: Sara is a kindred spirit – fashion lover, mom, and dynamo entrepreneur!  Check out her site and you’ll see why we are crazy for her designs as well!

Little Pea

In HER words ::

In a nutshell, I have ALWAYS loved fashion.  Pre-baby days were spent perusing boutiques to curate the perfect outfit.  After having my first child I started focusing that passion on tiny fashions and that’s really when the first inklings of developing a children’s apparel line first started. 

After the birth of my 2nd daughter in 2008 I really started committing to the idea.  Having left the corporate world 2 years earlier to be a full time mom I was starting to get that creative itch.  I wanted something for me, outside the realm of feedings and pre-school runs.  However, I knew I needed something that would provide me with some flexibility in my schedule; hence, Little Pea was born!

I set out to design a line of stylish and comfortable separates that would focus on print and color, sophisticated pieces that worked into the busy lifestyles of modern families.  I really wanted to target families like mine, people with active lifestyles who would be looking for pieces that could easily transition from a day at pre-school to a dinner date downtown. 

I launched my first collection in August of 2009 and I will be totally honest in saying it has been a rough road at times.  You have challenges, set backs, and then triumphs and it is that roller coaster that ultimately makes you appreciate all the work and effort that really goes into building a business.  That said, I can happily announce, we are now going into our 3rd season and Little Pea can now be found in high-end boutiques nationwide. 

It is still truly thrilling every time I ship new product to stores or when customer’s call to let us know the line is selling!  Occasionally we will be sent fan photos and that in it-self always gets me giddy.  Seeing something that I have created out in the world always brings a smile to my face and quite frankly makes all the long days worth the while!

You can find Sara and Little Pea online through their site, and on Facebook and Twitter!

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