Freshly Launched :: Natural Urban Mamas

Freshly Launched :: Natural Urban Mamas

Launched :: Natasha Chiam

LaunchHER says ::  It’s our first {freshly launched} woman-owned brand of 2011!  Natural Urban Mamas is the perfect inspiration for today, as Natasha Chiam shares with us how she saw a need in the marketplace… and made it happen by creating Natural Urban Mamas!

In HER words ::

I have always had a passion for sales and spent many years in both retail and corporate sales roles. I also have a knack for finding hidden gems while doing my own shopping.  Having kids gave me a great outlet for my passion and talent and a renewed appreciation for online shopping!  What I found during my shopping was some amazing and talented mamas making fabulous products for me and my babies.  What I did NOT find was somewhere that had all these great products that I wanted in one place. And so, I did what any new mama fresh into the throes of parenthood would do….I started my own business and Natural Urban Mamas was born!  

I pride myself on supporting, showcasing and selling great products on my site that are made by other mamas and women in business and small family-run manufacturers!!  I have gathered all of my favourite local, Canadian- and North American-made baby carriers and natural mom and baby essentials in one place and I truly believe that we can make a difference in our consumerism and that we can all lower our eco-footprints one tiny step at a time.
Babywearing is at the core of Natural Urban Mamas and has always been a very important aspect of my parenting.  It mattered to me that I was doing the best I could at it and that I had a really nice baby carrier or two (or 12) to choose from! 
I have had amazing mentors and guides to help me in my babywearing journey and I feel that this has made all the difference for me.  I am a Certified Babywearing Educator, trained by the Canadian Babywearing School and I feel that it is important that all parents are taught this invaluable parenting skill and have all the tools and guidance necessary to be successful babywearers themselves.  At Natural Urban Mamas, not only will you find some of the most beautiful and unique baby carriers around, but you will also find the education and resources you need to start your own babywearing journey with your little ones!
Follow Natasha and Natural Urban Mamas on Twitter and Facebook.  You can keep up to date with latest baby-wearing news through her Site and Blog!
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  1. Thrilled to include Natasha and Natural Urban Mamas as our first {freshly launched} business of 2011!

  2. I’m excited to check Natural Urban Mamas out! Thanks!

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