Freshly Launched :: Petit Couture

Freshly Launched :: Petit Couture

Launched :: Rebecca Kaykas-Wolff

LaunchHER says ::  Check out the Petit Couture line, and you’ll agree with us… it’s altogether fabulous.  We find ourselves drooling over each and every piece – total perfection!  What makes us love Petit Couture even more is the entrepreneur behind the brand – Rebecca Kaykas-Wolff.  A few weeks ago, I had the joy of sitting down to lunch with Rebecca while in San Fran… and was so very impressed with her business savvy, wealth of knowledge, and plan for expanding her brand.  There is MUCH that Rebecca can teach us all – so stay tuned… she’s joining us as a LaunchHER PRO and will be sharing a feature this month!  We cannot wait!!

Petit Couture

In HER words ::

Petit Couture is a socially-minded luxury apparel brand for children. The company was conceived after mamapreneur, Rebecca Kaykas-Wolff, had her third child and was reminded that few modern children’s brands existed that were not only fashionable, but Fair Trade manufactured. Viola! Petit Couture was born and debuted its inagural Signature Collection line featuring the company’s recognizeable “owl” icon which represents wisdom, whimsy and beauty. Since 2009, the company has launched two additional lines which complete the Petit Couture brand look. The girls Ready-to-Wear collection and Travelknits are meant to be companion pieces to the Signature Collection where all can be worn together for play-date to dinner-date with mom and dad flexibility. Petit Couture continues to grow and is sold in high end traditional and online boutiques across the US and Australia. 
Petit Couture
Rebecca Kaykas-Wolff resides in San Francisco, CA where she oversees Petit Couture business operations and spends time with her husband Jascha and children Simone, Sofie and Julien who are routinely seen in Petit Couture ads. She’s an active participant at her children’s schools and has a 15+ year executive leadership background in digital marketing and online communications holding senior management roles with companies such as T-Mobile, HL2, Safeco/Liberty Mutual and Microsoft Corporation.
Petit Couture
Check out the amazing line of Petit Couture products on their site, and be sure to follow Rebecca and her team on Twitter and Facebook!
Just for LaunchHER readers :: Enter code 20FORFRIENDS upon checkout to receive 20% off your Petit Couture purchase


  1. Thank you ladies for the amazing opportunity. I am thrilled to be part of the LaunchHER world and consider it a tremendous honor. Very Best, Rebecca

  2. It has been a thrill to watch Rebecca grow Petit Couture into such an amazing brand and achieve many successes! But secretly? I think her best is yet to come!

  3. We love our Petit Couture shirt, the quality is amazing and I am sure the whole line is the same way. Looking forward to Rebecca’s Pro feature!

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