Freshly Launched :: Baby Bindle

Freshly Launched ::  Baby Bindle

Launched ::  Sandra Frawley

LaunchHER says ::  We love the incredible ingenuity seen in our {freshly launched} entrepreneurs, and today’s brand is no exception!  Check out her story… and be inspired!

In HER words ::

Losing my keys one too many times, I was tired of never having enough hands to carry my diaper bag, keys, wallet, my other child and everything else I needed to get wherever I was going. Realizing that I really only needed a few things, and that most diaper bags are big enough to fit the entire nursery, I created the SeatPak™, a versatile diaper bag that attaches to the side of your car seat, stroller or even your purse and is pint-sized, so you don’t have to carry a bulky bag, but still has plenty of space for the things you reall need.                                                  

Sitting down with a pencil, a few pieces of paper and my sewing machine, I made my very own unique diaper bag in August 2009 and in January of 2010, the first SeatPak™ prototype was created.

Shortly thereafter, I learned of Huggies® Mom Inspired™ contest, which I entered  in June and was informed in July that I was one of the 12 women that won the contest. I was awarded a $15,000 grant to kick my business into full-swing.                         

SeatPak™ – the latest in diaper bags, merging style with real-life functionality. Petite, yet sizeable for you and your baby’s essentials – diapers, wipes, cell phone, car keys, bottle, wallet and more!

Over the last year, I created a new product, started a business and successfully launched a new brand in a questionable economy. I also plan to release three additional innovative, quality products aimed at making Mom’s life a little easier over the next three years – so look out world, here I come!

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