Freshly Launched :: beso handbags

Freshly Launched :: beso handbags

Launched :: Johanna Penagos

LaunchHER says ::  Um… handmade handbags?  LOVE!  Check out the incredible fabrics, designs, and workmanship, and you’ll agree… beso handbags is a brand to watch!

In HER words ::

When I was a little girl, I used to make purses and wallets out of anything I could get my hands on. I loved to make paper dolls, and create their clothes and their accessories. I’ve always been a designer at heart.
So now, after college and grad school and a nine year detour as a school psychologist, I’ve come back to what I love, designing one of my very favorite accessories, the handbag. 
With my mom’s hand-me-down sewing machine and fabrics that I chose because I loved, I started beso handbags at my dining room table, sewing while my daughter was at school, and my son was taking his nap, and sometimes, late at night while my kids and my amazingly supportive husband were all fast asleep. I’ve grown a bit since then, but I’m proud to say that beso handbags still reflects my passion for design and my love of fabric.
I call my line beso handbags. Beso is the Spanish word for kiss. Spanish and English are spoken in our home, and beso is a word we use all the time. Often throughout the day, we ask the kids for besos, or kisses, and tell them we love them. Beso is also a word that just reminds me that I love what I do, and I’m now doing what I’ve always loved.  
All of the handbags that you see are my own designs. This fall, I’m so excited to incorporate my own collection of vintage fabrics into the mix. I’m so excited to give each of these gorgeous vintage fabrics new life. Each bag ordered will feature a beautiful fabric from the 1950’s, 60’s or 70’s and will be accented by luxurious faux-suede in a complementing color. Each vintage fabric is available on a very limited basis, so if you see one you love, snatch it up before its gone. 
Thanks so much for being a part of beso handbags. Enjoy!
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  1. LOve her bags! they are great quality and every time i carry my bag it gets noticed! LOVE HER AND HER BAGS!!!!

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