Freshly Launched :: Blush Printables

Freshly Launched :: Blush Printables

Launched :: Jen

LaunchHER says ::  Customized, personalized… an perfect for the do-it-yourself bride!  Love the story behind this entrepreneur… and love the products!  Kinda makes me want to plan a wedding!

In HER words ::

My great-grandmother put a paint brush in my hand when I was 3 years old, and let me paint her dining room walls.  Yes, her dining room walls!!  My great-grandmother was a painter, and had the most beautiful home in Santa Barbara.  My mother may have scolded me and not let me go to the park that afternoon, but my great-grandma beamed with pride at my masterpiece.

I started taking private art lessons when I was 5.  My favorite medium was oil paints, and I was in several art shows throughout the years.  I was a Featured Artist a few times, and my great-grandma was my #1 fan.  After she passed away in 2001, I had a really hard time picking up a paint brush again.  I decided to give graphic design a try and instantly fell in love with it.

I’m a self-taught designer, but I took a few courses in college so I could learn more.  I spent a great deal of my college career designing posters and fliers for local bands, and after college I got a freelance job as a designer for a local rape crisis clinic. 

I fell into my craft, though, when my husband and I were planning our August 2008 wedding.  I’d been involved in graphic design for years now and loved it so much that it was a no brainer that I would design our stationery.  I had so much fun with it, and gained several clients after other brides got a hold of my work.  I had so much fun making their visions come to life that I opened my own shop on etsy.

Today, I design printable stationery for the do-it-yourself bride.  Everything in my shop is fully customizable, which truly creates a personalized look.  I find that a lot of the women I work with are tired of the cookie-cutter look and are pleased to find that I offer color-matching and free proofs.  There really are no limitations when it comes to Blush Printables, and I welcome custom orders.  Like I said – I really love bringing others’ visions to life!

You can check out Blush Printables on their site, blog, and on Twitter!

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