Freshly Launched :: Dotmine

Freshly Launched :: Dotmine

Launched :: Sarah and Lisa

LaunchHER says ::  There’s nothing like a successful relaunch!  Congrats to Dotmine Group for {re}launching in 2010 and giving us the chance to celebrate their success!  Two incredible women – neighbors, mothers, multi-taskers, like so many of us, who had an idea… and have developed it and revised it into the Dotmine Group that launched in 2010!  Check out their story and INCREDIBLE promo code!

In HER words ::

The idea to begin selling planners began 10 years ago, after careers as corporate marketing gurus.  Goodbye days of selling underwear and laundry detergent.  Hello, lots of dots.

As neighbors staring with awe and love at the first of what someday would be seven usually delightful children, we created dotmine day planners.  No one else was making planners with brilliant art.  Planners that would fit in purses and diaper bags, weighing the same as a paperback.  That cost $25 or less.  That would be bold, bright and intuitive.


Now, dotmine is a retro product, bringing scheduling bliss to active individuals and busy families.  Our planners create a permanent record of your life, with plenty of space for recording meetings, events, notes, milestones, and best-laid plans. 

Customer input has brought tear-out margins for grocery lists, to-do lists, and holiday wish lists; stickers for events such as birthdays, breast self-exams, and date nights; and a babysitter’s info page that you complete once and leave on the counter.


We still get goosebumps when customers say we’ve changed their lives… 

 Lynn, an artist who directs a fiber institute in Washington, says, “The last ‘planner’ crashed, and instead of just landing on the floor, my entire schedule went blank.  Now, a step back is a step ahead, to less stress and a more simplistic life.”

There’s the solider in Baghdad who uses her dotmine planner to add a bit of beauty to her day; the woman with ADD who depends on the planner to manager her daily life, and the gentleman who mails the year’s favorite to his mom in England…

We love helping you balance this crazy thing called life.  We understand.  Today we’re selecting next year’s cover art and inspirational weekly quotes, managing Facebook and Twitter, planning a birthday party, attending a band concert, and visiting the parent we just moved into an assisted living apartment.  You know — trying to live with grace and joy.

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