Freshly Launched :: Pork Chop Kids

Freshly Launched :: Pork Chop Kids

Launched :: Meaghan Resenhoeft

LaunchHER says ::  After practially wrestling with my one year old this morning, in an attempt to get her socks to stay on… I’m even more thrilled to {freshly launch} this brand today!  A successful mom, business woman, and inventor, Meg inspires us all in her words today!

In HER words ::

I have been in the fashion industry since college; after graduating from school I moved out to New York where I was an Associate for a buying office in the accessories department.  After a few years in the Big Apple I received a phone call from a business owner in the Milwaukee area asking me if I was ready to move back to the Midwest.  A few months later I made the move back home where I was the head buyer and merchandise manager for an upscale women’s boutique… 

After having my daughter, Tess, a constant issue presented itself, by the time I turned to grab a shoe for her she had pulled her sock off.  Another challenge was getting her dressed during the Midwest winters… She needed to wear a dress and obviously needed something to cover her legs, but who wants tights over a diaper and a onesie??  As every grown woman can attest tights aren’t comfortable without those two extra items so why would you want your little one so restricted?  I researched my idea and found legwarmers, tights, leggings etc., but not a thigh-high.    A children’s thigh-high would solve both of these problems and a few others! 

Thus, Pork Chops were born from the evolution of necessity…warmth, protection, easy diaper changes, no missing socks  and runway-ready fashion!   We have over 30 colors/prints, adding a few new designs every few months.  We recently began manufacturing exclusively in the USA!  

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