Freshly Launched :: Too Sweet Creations

Freshly Launched :: Too Sweet Creations

Lauched :: Joanna Faria and Laura Antonia

LaunchHER says ::  Sugary sweet, and so perfect you can almost taste it!  We’re especially fond of the Cookie Parties – enjoy reading about this great duo and their women-owned brand!

In HER words ::

Too Sweet Creations specializes in creating custom made sugar cookies, cookie favors and cupcakes for all occasions (such as birthdays, weddings and baby showers just to name a few).  Laura and I (Joanna) have been best friends since junior high and I, a mother of 2 young children, wanted to be able to stay at home to raise my children and Laura, who was working full time, wanted something more. We both sat down and talked about what we could do together that we both would love and would make us happy and we decided to start our own cookie business! A few months later we also decided to add cupcakes into the mix and haven’t looked back!

Both of us being Italian, we’ve always had a love of baking, especially Laura whose mother is an amazing baker and cook. We’d never done anything like this though but both knew that there would be a market for this kind of thing so through a lot of hard work and trial and error we started Too Sweet Creations in April of 2010.


We have so much fun together as well as lots of laughs (and some tears when things go wrong!) We love a challenge and creating cookies & cupcakes that challenge us to think outside of the box and we’re not afraid to create our own cookie cutters (which we’ve done on a few occasions). We also try to think of new ideas to offer to our customers such as cookie and cupcake parties, edible image cookies (where you put an image (such as a photo) onto a cookie) and cone bags (which are not only filled with cookies but other treats such as gummy bears, jujubes, etc).

Our customers refer to us as “the cookie girls” and those who have seen us together in action (at wedding fairs or craft fairs which we frequent often) always say we should have our own show like the one on TV called “The Cupcake Girls” (we must be very entertaining!)

We will be coming up to our 1 year anniversary this April and we feel so lucky to have started this business and to come as far as we have in such a short time! 

You can find Too Sweet Creations on their Blog, Facebook, and Twitter!

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Freshly Launched :: Fit2B Studio

Freshly Launched ::  Fit2B Studio

Launched :: Bethany Learn

LaunchHER says ::  You know those days when you really WANT to make it to the gym, but the 20 min, 15 min… or in my case, just 5 minute drive there seems like a huge mountain to climb?  Well… today’s {freshly launched} biz brings the workout to you, in a new and innovative way!

In HER words ::

My online fitness studio is different because I’m a mom, and I don’t care about looking sexy for the camera or drawing a crowd. I care about healthy and holistic approaches to fitness and wellness. So Fit2B Studio films in a real home, and I keep my cleavage under clothes. Because we long to inspire you, not intimidate you, and we are more about strength than six-packs.

Prior to becoming a stay at home mama I thought it would be easy to  continue using my degree in Exercise & Sport Science from Oregon State, just taking the kids along with me while I taught at various clubs. I had worked as an assistant manager, personal trainer and group fitness instructor in a federal fitness facility, so how hard could fitness be with kids? Let’s just say that getting out of the house with two children is a lot harder than I had imagined!

What if an online community could be created where parents wouldn’t have to leave home to get in shape? What if frazzled moms and dads didn’t have to worry about childcare for the sake of a few chin-ups? My research, however, was disappointing. Where would I find money for renting studio space, buying expensive outfits, and I didn’t look like or talk like any other instructor out there! But maybe that would be a blessing …

Having taught pilates and yoga up to and immediately after my own two healthy births, my goal became the offering of a simple and fresh approach to working out at home with gentle queues that inspire faith and fitness. My girlfriends all affirmed that they were sick of being bossed around by scrawny models who seem clueless about real women’s lives and bodies. Their husbands were tired of the temptations from the more common flesh-filled sights.

So Fit2B Studio was conceived in March, 2010 and launched in October of the same year, offering wholesome workouts for the whole family. We started with seven workouts and 10 members in our first month. We now have over 40 workouts including ones for beginners and advanced participants, pre/post-natal mommies, runners and boaters, and even some just for the little ones. We are adding more to our community every week, and you can come connect with us on facebook or join for unlimited, 24/7 access to HD workouts.

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Freshly Launched :: Soft Clothing

Freshly Launched ::  Soft Clothing

Launched ::  Jessica Ralli

LaunchHER says ::  Isn’t it interesting to find out what motivated each entrepreneur to start their brand?  Today’s {freshly launched} biz has a story of meeting a need within the austistic community – we love the products, but more than that – we love the mission!

In HER words ::

Many children are extra-sensitive to the texture and feel of clothing. Soft is the first line of inclusive clothing designed with the needs of all children in mind, including those with Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder, and tactile sensitivity. We use flat seaming and seamless construction for extra comfort, 100% combed cotton, vegetable dyes , wide collars, encased elastic waistbands, printed labels (tagless), custom fits, and much more.  We are excited to have recently launched our Soft Seamless Socks, and will soon release seamless underwear for boys and girls.

More than 1 in 150 children have sensory needs that are largely unmet by the children’s apparel market today.  We hope to meet those needs, but also create awareness about the issue, and provide support for parents and kids looking for resources.  In addition to manufacturing adaptive clothing, we founded a social network for parents of children with special needs called Soft Sensory World.  We also regularly support organizations and non-profits in the special needs area, including the Autism Society of America, and the Sensory Processing Disorder Foundation. 

My background is in education, and I worked as a special educator in New York City before launching Soft. I conducted three years of research in and out of the classroom in preparation for launching the Soft clothing line.  In addition to being an educator, I am also an avid fashion junkie—I follow my favorite designers religiously, and pull expertise and inspiration from some of my close friends in the industry.  Pursuing Soft has been a dream come true for me,  as it combines my greatest passions—special education and working with families, and fashion and style. 

After conducting my market research, I partnered with lifelong disability advocate Suzy Kogen Friedman.  Her nephew Timmy, now 9, was diagnosed with Autism and global developmental delays at age 3. Timmy’s daily dressing challenges were Suzy’s inspiration for Soft Clothing.

Our goal at Soft is to design clothing that can enhance social skills, sensory organization, concentration, by addressing unique sensory needs, but without sacrificing personal style and self expression.

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Freshly Launched :: March 27 Designs

Freshly Launched ::  March 27 Designs

Launched ::  Mara Olson

LaunchHER says ::  These custom invitations are simply BEYOND.  The creativity and craftmanship behind this brand makes us want to explore every design, and leaves us wanting to hear more about Mara and what’s to come! Enjoy reading about this fantastic new woman-owned business!

In HER words ::

My name is Mara Olson. My mom used to call me “tactile” because I couldn’t keep my hands off of anything fuzzy, sparkly, swirly, or colorful. My paper designing exploits—I honestly can’t remember when they began.

To this day, my passion is making things beautiful! But it hasn’t always been invitations.

I grew up creating handmade gifts and cards with delicately drawn details. In high school, I excelled in my design classes and began investing time in web and catalogue design. My love for helping people then prompted me to obtain my Bachelor of Arts degree in Health Communication from Grand Valley State University.

After three years of working at the local hospital, I discovered I was not able to fulfill my dreams in that setting. Occasional design projects for friends and family was my breath of fresh air and I continued using my skills to volunteer for nonprofits in Grand Rapids, which gave me a chance to create invitations to formal galas and other events.

Then my husband proposed!

Amid wedding planning, I decided to design my own wedding invitations and that was when I truly fell in love with the process of invitation design; taking all of the pieces of my wedding and making a statement that beautifully introduced my dream.

And March 27 Designs was born.

I have been working full time in my dream job for several months now and my diverse experiences through life compliment my ability to be able to take each bride’s unique dream, and give her guests a preview by creating exquisite, custom invitations. I believe that your invitation should be a reflection of you and your hopes for your wedding day. I count it an honor to be able to serve brides by turning their vision into a work of art.

This is my passion.

You can find out more about Mara and March 27 Designs on Mara’s Blog and through her Website!

Freshly Launched :: Sweet Knee

Freshly Launched :: Sweet Knee

Launched ::  Kristy Platt

LaunchHER says :: As mothers, we’re always looking for the best products for our little ones!  Check out this innovative entrepreneur and product line today on {Freshly Launched}!

In HER words ::

Sweet Knee is a full line of organic and synthetic-FREE products for baby. Everything from soaps and massage oils to diaper ointment alternatives and therapeutic essential oil blends just for baby.   I began Sweet Knee  in response to a chemical burn that my son experienced when he had a severe reaction to the chlorine found in most disposable diapers. This happened in the hospital within 24 hours of his birth, yet it took a determined mama, me, to figure out the cause and then create a safe and effective treatment.

Our first product, Bun Glaze, cleared the problem without resorting to the steroid cream prescribed by the pediatrician. Now it is our number one selling product, and the best alternative to traditional diaper ointments.   Bun Glaze, along with all of our products, is made by mama and shipped by papa from our beautiful lab in SC. Nothing synthetic or harmful is used, and the packaging is very appealing to dads especially. For example, when changing diapers, there is no need to put your hands in a gloppy messy ointment and then spread it on baby. Just aim the dispenser and let it drizzle into place.

Most babies giggle when the drizzle occurs, a far “cry” from typical response to diaper changes! So mama everywhere thank me for helping dads to eagerly engage in diaper changing duty.

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Freshly Launched :: A Touch of Whimsy

Freshly Launched :: A Touch of Whimsy

Launched :: Gina

LaunchHER says ::

As this dreary winter drags on here in the Twin Cities, “A Touch of Whimsy” was exactly what we needed to brighten up our day!  This whimsical stationary for the young (and young at heart) is as inspiring as the entrepreneur behind the brand! 

In HER words ::

A Touch of Whimsy Designs came to be out of a need for me to have a creative outlet once I left the ‘corporate’ world. I became a stay at home mom in 1998 and began what turned into a successful Ebay business of general resale items. I designed my first sons birth announcements and just fell in love with exploring my creativity digitally! It wasn’t until my 2nd son was born critically ill in 2004 that I realized I needed to make every moment count and to live my life doing what I love. That is being creative and trying to make someone happy with my creations.

In 2006, I was fortunate enough to have my Ebay store honored as the ‘Best in Ebay Stores Shopping Experience’ which was a community nominated contest.  I can’t begin to explain how thankful and appreciative I was of that experience as it allowed me to successfully transition to my own website. My business is 99% word of mouth and to this day I still have many of the original Ebay customers with me.

I’m so honored to of been part of their engagements, marriages, first and sibling birthdays! It’s just fabulous to watch these families grow and having them allow me to contribute in such a personal way. I believe they feel my sincerity and know that I only create and offer items that are high quality without breaking the bank. As a mom of 3 boys, I can totally relate which is why you’ll always find me offering a giveaway or sale or coupon. I just love to give back to my customers who are the reason I’m able to do what I love!

When I’m not working, (is that really possible for the self employed? :) you’ll typically find me painting furniture, doing some sort of craft project (paper flowers & yarn wreaths are coming to mind!) or being crafty in the kitchen.

You can find Gina and A Touch of Whimsy on Facebook and Twitter!

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Freshly Launched :: Persona Gift Pail

Freshly Launched ::  Persona Gift Pail

Launched ::  Pam Grimes and Melinda Tomasello

LaunchHER says ::  A gift that is personalized, re-useable, and altogether fabulous?  Sign me up!  We love this duo and their passion to not only provide an incredible product, but to make them in a way that helps their community.  Read their story and you’ll see why this brand has grown leaps and bounds since its launch in April 2010!

In HER words ::

Our entrepreneurial journey began over a decade ago when we met as two moms with young children and a passion for creativity. The connection was instantaneous and we felt compelled to start a business that would channel our creative energies. Melinda came from an interior design background and Pam from the marketing / graphic design field. We are very proud of the fact that we built Originality, Inc., a design firm that specializes in custom corporate gifts, from the ground floor. A definite highlight occurred in 2008 as we received the first-runner up award for “Best Gift or Gift Bag” in BizBash’s New York Event Style Awards. While we still service our corporate clients, much of our attention lately has been directed to a new gift product called the Persona Gift Pail.

Melinda created the first Persona Pails for several close friends over two years ago. We both fell in love with the idea and knew that we had to create a kit that anyone could do. We made a tough decision during the start of the recession – whether or not to pursue our dream of bringing the Persona Gift Pail to market. However, we soon realized that since this was such a feel-good product, it might actually help people forget their troubles, so we officially launched Persona Designs, Inc. on April 26, 2010.

Here’s how it works . . . each Persona Gift Pail kit comes with all of the essentials to create a personalized gift container. Just peel off the reusable expression stickers to create one of seven pre-designed Personas. Or, you can mix and match the stickers to create your own. Attach the hair, pop in a gift, write a special message on the note card and you’re done! Just recycle a few ‘round the house items such as hats, scarves & jewelry to make it a one-of-a-kind gift. Not only can the pail be used as a gift container, but also as a centerpiece, party activity, keepsake box, child’s craft or storage container. The kit comes in 7 different hair colors along with two Junior pails. 

When we launched Persona Designs, Inc., our goal was not only to build a successful business, but also to put smiles on faces one pail at a time. The kits are assembled by a wonderful organization in Harrisonburg, VA called Friendship Industries, Inc. that employs 75-100 disabled adults. Plans are also underway to hold our first “Personas with a Purpose” event for a charitable cause (we’ll keep you posted!).

For the 2010 Holiday Season, we introduced a Sticker Collection with eight whimsical characters such as North Pole Nick, Mistletoe Molly and Snowlady Sadie. For every on-line pail purchase, you can select your favorite character and we’ll include the sticker sheet as our gift to you.

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You can find Pam and Melinda on their Blog, Facebook, Twitter, and of course on their Site!

Freshly Launched :: Birdcage Bridal

Freshly Launched :: Birdcage Bridal, LLC

Launched :: Melissa Larson

LaunchHER says :: Our top 3 reasons to love this woman-owned brand  – 1) They’re LOCAL here in the Twin Cities! 2) They have only been in biz for 5 months and are already making a huge splash! and 3) Making gorgeous weddings affordable?  Um… LOVE IT!  Check out Melissa’s story below and see why she’s an entrepreneur to watch!

In HER words ::

My business is called Birdcage Bridal, LLC. It is a website that serves as a central location where people can buy and sell new and gently used wedding items such as decorations, accessories and attire.

I launched the website on October 1st 2010 and have far exceeded the goals I set ahead of myself. I started seriously toying with the idea of moving forward with the business in September. There was a small bridal show in January that I was determined to participate in, but I knew I had to at least have a functioning website up and running before I would feel comfortable attending. October 1st came around and I was already ready to go!

I launched the website and within the first 24 hours I had over 1000 pageviews in 14 states and 5 countries! I had my first listings within a few days of the launch and had a steady stream of site visits. I advertised the business through Facebook advertising as well as Google Adwords.

In December I had my first sale, was featured in a San Francisco online newspaper, and submitted my entry form for the January Bridal Show! Today I am expanding my blog repertoire and expertise of wedding ideas and photography posts as well as gaining a larger customer base for the main wedding resale portion of my business.

I have been very blessed with the honor of being asked to present at two student entrepreneurship events in the next month and am looking forward to see where the business takes me. Or rather, where I take the business!

You can find Melissa and Birdcage Bridal, LLC on Twitter and Facebook!