Freshly Launched :: A Touch of Whimsy

Freshly Launched :: A Touch of Whimsy

Launched :: Gina

LaunchHER says ::

As this dreary winter drags on here in the Twin Cities, “A Touch of Whimsy” was exactly what we needed to brighten up our day!  This whimsical stationary for the young (and young at heart) is as inspiring as the entrepreneur behind the brand! 

In HER words ::

A Touch of Whimsy Designs came to be out of a need for me to have a creative outlet once I left the ‘corporate’ world. I became a stay at home mom in 1998 and began what turned into a successful Ebay business of general resale items. I designed my first sons birth announcements and just fell in love with exploring my creativity digitally! It wasn’t until my 2nd son was born critically ill in 2004 that I realized I needed to make every moment count and to live my life doing what I love. That is being creative and trying to make someone happy with my creations.

In 2006, I was fortunate enough to have my Ebay store honored as the ‘Best in Ebay Stores Shopping Experience’ which was a community nominated contest.  I can’t begin to explain how thankful and appreciative I was of that experience as it allowed me to successfully transition to my own website. My business is 99% word of mouth and to this day I still have many of the original Ebay customers with me.

I’m so honored to of been part of their engagements, marriages, first and sibling birthdays! It’s just fabulous to watch these families grow and having them allow me to contribute in such a personal way. I believe they feel my sincerity and know that I only create and offer items that are high quality without breaking the bank. As a mom of 3 boys, I can totally relate which is why you’ll always find me offering a giveaway or sale or coupon. I just love to give back to my customers who are the reason I’m able to do what I love!

When I’m not working, (is that really possible for the self employed? :) you’ll typically find me painting furniture, doing some sort of craft project (paper flowers & yarn wreaths are coming to mind!) or being crafty in the kitchen.

You can find Gina and A Touch of Whimsy on Facebook and Twitter!

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  1. Gina’s products are fantastic! Plus she’s just one sweet, cool lady! Congrats on your feature, Gina! :)

  2. Thanks so much Pam, you are too sweet!! xo

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