Freshly Launched :: Fit2B Studio

Freshly Launched ::  Fit2B Studio

Launched :: Bethany Learn

LaunchHER says ::  You know those days when you really WANT to make it to the gym, but the 20 min, 15 min… or in my case, just 5 minute drive there seems like a huge mountain to climb?  Well… today’s {freshly launched} biz brings the workout to you, in a new and innovative way!

In HER words ::

My online fitness studio is different because I’m a mom, and I don’t care about looking sexy for the camera or drawing a crowd. I care about healthy and holistic approaches to fitness and wellness. So Fit2B Studio films in a real home, and I keep my cleavage under clothes. Because we long to inspire you, not intimidate you, and we are more about strength than six-packs.

Prior to becoming a stay at home mama I thought it would be easy to  continue using my degree in Exercise & Sport Science from Oregon State, just taking the kids along with me while I taught at various clubs. I had worked as an assistant manager, personal trainer and group fitness instructor in a federal fitness facility, so how hard could fitness be with kids? Let’s just say that getting out of the house with two children is a lot harder than I had imagined!

What if an online community could be created where parents wouldn’t have to leave home to get in shape? What if frazzled moms and dads didn’t have to worry about childcare for the sake of a few chin-ups? My research, however, was disappointing. Where would I find money for renting studio space, buying expensive outfits, and I didn’t look like or talk like any other instructor out there! But maybe that would be a blessing …

Having taught pilates and yoga up to and immediately after my own two healthy births, my goal became the offering of a simple and fresh approach to working out at home with gentle queues that inspire faith and fitness. My girlfriends all affirmed that they were sick of being bossed around by scrawny models who seem clueless about real women’s lives and bodies. Their husbands were tired of the temptations from the more common flesh-filled sights.

So Fit2B Studio was conceived in March, 2010 and launched in October of the same year, offering wholesome workouts for the whole family. We started with seven workouts and 10 members in our first month. We now have over 40 workouts including ones for beginners and advanced participants, pre/post-natal mommies, runners and boaters, and even some just for the little ones. We are adding more to our community every week, and you can come connect with us on facebook or join for unlimited, 24/7 access to HD workouts.

Just for LaunchHER readers ::  Enter code LaunchHER-20 when you sign up for a one-year membership, and receive a $20 refund instantly!


  1. Bethany’s site IS very refreshing!!! It is nice to have a workout where I am encouraged to take it at my own pace, and with a busy 15 month old that pace can be hectic at times. I love being part of her online studio because I can hit pause when I need to, like when my darling, dear, girly girly has gotten a very un-darling and un-girly girl smell coming from the nether regions, and get back to the video when I can. Its been a huge blessing!

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