Freshly Launched :: March 27 Designs

Freshly Launched ::  March 27 Designs

Launched ::  Mara Olson

LaunchHER says ::  These custom invitations are simply BEYOND.  The creativity and craftmanship behind this brand makes us want to explore every design, and leaves us wanting to hear more about Mara and what’s to come! Enjoy reading about this fantastic new woman-owned business!

In HER words ::

My name is Mara Olson. My mom used to call me “tactile” because I couldn’t keep my hands off of anything fuzzy, sparkly, swirly, or colorful. My paper designing exploits—I honestly can’t remember when they began.

To this day, my passion is making things beautiful! But it hasn’t always been invitations.

I grew up creating handmade gifts and cards with delicately drawn details. In high school, I excelled in my design classes and began investing time in web and catalogue design. My love for helping people then prompted me to obtain my Bachelor of Arts degree in Health Communication from Grand Valley State University.

After three years of working at the local hospital, I discovered I was not able to fulfill my dreams in that setting. Occasional design projects for friends and family was my breath of fresh air and I continued using my skills to volunteer for nonprofits in Grand Rapids, which gave me a chance to create invitations to formal galas and other events.

Then my husband proposed!

Amid wedding planning, I decided to design my own wedding invitations and that was when I truly fell in love with the process of invitation design; taking all of the pieces of my wedding and making a statement that beautifully introduced my dream.

And March 27 Designs was born.

I have been working full time in my dream job for several months now and my diverse experiences through life compliment my ability to be able to take each bride’s unique dream, and give her guests a preview by creating exquisite, custom invitations. I believe that your invitation should be a reflection of you and your hopes for your wedding day. I count it an honor to be able to serve brides by turning their vision into a work of art.

This is my passion.

You can find out more about Mara and March 27 Designs on Mara’s Blog and through her Website!

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