Freshly Launched :: Persona Gift Pail

Freshly Launched ::  Persona Gift Pail

Launched ::  Pam Grimes and Melinda Tomasello

LaunchHER says ::  A gift that is personalized, re-useable, and altogether fabulous?  Sign me up!  We love this duo and their passion to not only provide an incredible product, but to make them in a way that helps their community.  Read their story and you’ll see why this brand has grown leaps and bounds since its launch in April 2010!

In HER words ::

Our entrepreneurial journey began over a decade ago when we met as two moms with young children and a passion for creativity. The connection was instantaneous and we felt compelled to start a business that would channel our creative energies. Melinda came from an interior design background and Pam from the marketing / graphic design field. We are very proud of the fact that we built Originality, Inc., a design firm that specializes in custom corporate gifts, from the ground floor. A definite highlight occurred in 2008 as we received the first-runner up award for “Best Gift or Gift Bag” in BizBash’s New York Event Style Awards. While we still service our corporate clients, much of our attention lately has been directed to a new gift product called the Persona Gift Pail.

Melinda created the first Persona Pails for several close friends over two years ago. We both fell in love with the idea and knew that we had to create a kit that anyone could do. We made a tough decision during the start of the recession – whether or not to pursue our dream of bringing the Persona Gift Pail to market. However, we soon realized that since this was such a feel-good product, it might actually help people forget their troubles, so we officially launched Persona Designs, Inc. on April 26, 2010.

Here’s how it works . . . each Persona Gift Pail kit comes with all of the essentials to create a personalized gift container. Just peel off the reusable expression stickers to create one of seven pre-designed Personas. Or, you can mix and match the stickers to create your own. Attach the hair, pop in a gift, write a special message on the note card and you’re done! Just recycle a few ‘round the house items such as hats, scarves & jewelry to make it a one-of-a-kind gift. Not only can the pail be used as a gift container, but also as a centerpiece, party activity, keepsake box, child’s craft or storage container. The kit comes in 7 different hair colors along with two Junior pails. 

When we launched Persona Designs, Inc., our goal was not only to build a successful business, but also to put smiles on faces one pail at a time. The kits are assembled by a wonderful organization in Harrisonburg, VA called Friendship Industries, Inc. that employs 75-100 disabled adults. Plans are also underway to hold our first “Personas with a Purpose” event for a charitable cause (we’ll keep you posted!).

For the 2010 Holiday Season, we introduced a Sticker Collection with eight whimsical characters such as North Pole Nick, Mistletoe Molly and Snowlady Sadie. For every on-line pail purchase, you can select your favorite character and we’ll include the sticker sheet as our gift to you.

Just for LaunchHER readers ::  Enter code launchher20 to receive 20% off your entire purchase through Friday, March 11th!

You can find Pam and Melinda on their Blog, Facebook, Twitter, and of course on their Site!


  1. Thanks for all you do to help businesses like Persona Designs, Inc.!

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