Freshly Launched :: Soft Clothing

Freshly Launched ::  Soft Clothing

Launched ::  Jessica Ralli

LaunchHER says ::  Isn’t it interesting to find out what motivated each entrepreneur to start their brand?  Today’s {freshly launched} biz has a story of meeting a need within the austistic community – we love the products, but more than that – we love the mission!

In HER words ::

Many children are extra-sensitive to the texture and feel of clothing. Soft is the first line of inclusive clothing designed with the needs of all children in mind, including those with Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder, and tactile sensitivity. We use flat seaming and seamless construction for extra comfort, 100% combed cotton, vegetable dyes , wide collars, encased elastic waistbands, printed labels (tagless), custom fits, and much more.  We are excited to have recently launched our Soft Seamless Socks, and will soon release seamless underwear for boys and girls.

More than 1 in 150 children have sensory needs that are largely unmet by the children’s apparel market today.  We hope to meet those needs, but also create awareness about the issue, and provide support for parents and kids looking for resources.  In addition to manufacturing adaptive clothing, we founded a social network for parents of children with special needs called Soft Sensory World.  We also regularly support organizations and non-profits in the special needs area, including the Autism Society of America, and the Sensory Processing Disorder Foundation. 

My background is in education, and I worked as a special educator in New York City before launching Soft. I conducted three years of research in and out of the classroom in preparation for launching the Soft clothing line.  In addition to being an educator, I am also an avid fashion junkie—I follow my favorite designers religiously, and pull expertise and inspiration from some of my close friends in the industry.  Pursuing Soft has been a dream come true for me,  as it combines my greatest passions—special education and working with families, and fashion and style. 

After conducting my market research, I partnered with lifelong disability advocate Suzy Kogen Friedman.  Her nephew Timmy, now 9, was diagnosed with Autism and global developmental delays at age 3. Timmy’s daily dressing challenges were Suzy’s inspiration for Soft Clothing.

Our goal at Soft is to design clothing that can enhance social skills, sensory organization, concentration, by addressing unique sensory needs, but without sacrificing personal style and self expression.

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