Freshly Launched :: Sweet Knee

Freshly Launched :: Sweet Knee

Launched ::  Kristy Platt

LaunchHER says :: As mothers, we’re always looking for the best products for our little ones!  Check out this innovative entrepreneur and product line today on {Freshly Launched}!

In HER words ::

Sweet Knee is a full line of organic and synthetic-FREE products for baby. Everything from soaps and massage oils to diaper ointment alternatives and therapeutic essential oil blends just for baby.   I began Sweet Knee  in response to a chemical burn that my son experienced when he had a severe reaction to the chlorine found in most disposable diapers. This happened in the hospital within 24 hours of his birth, yet it took a determined mama, me, to figure out the cause and then create a safe and effective treatment.

Our first product, Bun Glaze, cleared the problem without resorting to the steroid cream prescribed by the pediatrician. Now it is our number one selling product, and the best alternative to traditional diaper ointments.   Bun Glaze, along with all of our products, is made by mama and shipped by papa from our beautiful lab in SC. Nothing synthetic or harmful is used, and the packaging is very appealing to dads especially. For example, when changing diapers, there is no need to put your hands in a gloppy messy ointment and then spread it on baby. Just aim the dispenser and let it drizzle into place.

Most babies giggle when the drizzle occurs, a far “cry” from typical response to diaper changes! So mama everywhere thank me for helping dads to eagerly engage in diaper changing duty.

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  1. We LOVE Sweet Knee!
    SO glad people are finding these awesome products ~ and company!

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