Freshly Launched :: WeddingInviteLove

Freshly Launched :: WeddingInviteLove

Launched :: Tracy Osborn

LaunchHER Says :: Choosing wedding invitations can be so overwhelming!  We love that WeddingInviteLove makes the process of finding the right invitations easier for the bride {and groom} because there are already enough decisions to make when you are planning a wedding!

In HER Words :: Weddings should be relaxed and full of love. I founded WeddingInviteLove because I love design and wedding invitations and hated how difficult and stressful it was to find good vendors using traditional search engines. I wanted to build an easy-to-browse directory to help couples sift through results as well as give small, boutique invitation vendors a place to stand out and be noticed.


I graduated with a BFA in Art & Design and began work as a web designer, but I decided that if I was passionate about websites, I needed to learn how to build every part of a web application, not just the design. In addition to being a great tool to build for others, I used WeddingInviteLove to help me learn how to program, and now I’m using the skills that I’ve learned to build other wedding invitation tools and adding features to WeddingInviteLove to make it even easier to use. I just launched a big redesign recently and included an upgraded profile version for vendors for additional customization and personality to their listings. I’m hoping in the future, almost every wedding invitation vendor will be listed so couples have the most choice and the easiest time finding the best stationer for their wedding.

It’s the best job I can ask for — I’m surrounded by beautiful design, working with great stationers, and providing a service that makes the process of planning a wedding a little bit easier and more fun.
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Freshly Launched :: Life on Paper Co.

Freshly Launched :: Life on Paper Co.

Launched :: Marian Briscoe

LaunchHER Says :: If you are going to have papers hanging on your fridge and cluttering your kitchen counter, they may as well be stylish!  We love the way Marian makes organizing life’s lists a little more chic.  Oh, and be sure to check out “The Pack” list to help organize all of your upcoming summer getaways!

In HER Words :: I’m that person that goes to a party and organizes the hostess’s pantry for fun. If I’m bored, I color-code my closet. I even struggle letting my 4 year old clean her own room because I want to make sure each toy goes back with its proper mate and in the right colored bin.

My name is Marian Briscoe, and I’m an organizational fanatic. (OK, I might be taking it a bit far— I’m not that boring, but you get the idea! )   I didn’t fully realize this about myself until recently. I majored in graphic design in college (which is in the art department), so I was surrounded by the free-spirited crowd. They’re not much for putting things in the “right” place… and I thought I fit in. But, then I decided to go back to college and I got my MBA in Accounting. Huh? Well, that was everyone else’s reaction was, at least.

Then I finally realized the common thread. Graphic design is all about organizing information on the page— for people to understand more clearly. Accounting is all about organizing numbers and putting them in the right place. Ding Ding Ding! ORGANIZATION.   Fast forward to 2010: I decided to put my know-how to good use by created Life on Paper Co. 

My vision is an online business, selling organizational paper products, offering free worksheets & tools, and a blog about the very same thing— Creative Organization. Life on Paper Co helps women get their lives organized. Each design has a twist that makes planning life a bit easier and more creative. The goal is to create stylish products that actually function in real life instead of just looking pretty but unusable. I desire to bring creativity into the organizational world.   

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Freshly Launched :: Gathered & Sown

Freshly Launched :: Gathered & Sown

Launched :: Angela Gordon

LaunchHER Says ::  We can think of a thousand uses for the eclectic totes, handbags, and wristlets in the Gathered & Sown Shop.   Angela has an eye for color and pattern, and we love how she uses them together! 

In HER Words :: Gathered & Sown started in Mid-2008, somewhat by accident! My friend Kerrie and I were both stay at home moms at the time. We loved hanging out together, talking, playing with the kids, & drinking coffee. One winter day, I thought it would be fun to blow the dust off of the sewing machine my Dad bought me, which I had never used. So she and I made purses for ourselves. Seeing our creations, our friends asked us where we got them, then asked if we would make some for them and so on!

 That spring, just for fun, we held an open house at my home to show off what we had made. I remember sitting in my dining room with Kerrie, wondering outloud if anyone would even show up. Much to our suprise, we had almost 40 people come through! So began Gathered & Sown.

All of my designs are my own. (Commercial patterns make my head spin!) I love creating items that are fashionable and functional, while meeting the needs of my client. I enjoy choosing fabrics, and my tastes are all over the board. I love unique vintage finds. There is just something special about going down to my studio with a piece of vintage fabric and adding some pleats or tucks and turning it into something beautiful. I adore indie artists and their fabric creations, but perusing the fabric lined shelves at my local fabric shops is also a favorite pastime of mine.

This business of learning and adapting has challenged me creatively, but in the process I am finding out how deeply gratifying it can be to see how far I’ve come, and know I’ve built it own my own! Putting a bag that I made in someones hands is something I’ll never tire of. As I get their postive feedback, and photos of them with their bags, I am humbled beyond words at how I’ve been blessed. I work a job I love. I get to be creative everyday. I contribute to my family’s income yet am still flexible enough to be present for my family.

I live in Wisconsin (a born and raised native!) with Ryan, my husband of more than 10 years, and our two beautiful daughters. I have a special stool at my work table reserved for friends or my kids that is always available. I welcome and thrive on a little companionship while I work.

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Freshly Launched :: bc designs

Freshly Launched :: bc designs

Launched :: Bridget Connell

LaunchHER Says ::  Bridget is as charming as each handbag she designs, and her passion leaves us giddy!  So many bags to love…Bette…Bridgitte…how do you even choose a favorite?    

In HER Words :: I credit my son and my husband for the courage and “push” to follow my dreams and start bc designs.

I have always been a handbag girl.  My grandmother, mother and aunt are designers so I have been lucky to have surrounded by creative design. So when I was hired to design handbags and fashion accessories I was absolutely ecstatic.  I loved being able to contribute to the creative outlet I was so passionate about.  Then everything changed.  I had my son Sam 1 ½ years ago and left my job 6 weeks after he was born.  I loved staying home with my son, but felt that I was missing something.  I have always had this dream to start my own company but I didn’t know where to start. I was frozen. 

One day my husband came home work and said that it was time for me to follow my dream.  So, with his support, and the support of my friends and family, I started working on all the designs and ideas that I have accumulated for many years. 

I was overwhelmed with all the love and encouragement I received from my family (I love you all), friends (a special thanks to Janessa, Mark and Gina) and community and continue to feel blessed to have all this support today.  My husband and son are the absolute foundations of my life and business.  I am still home with my son, he comes to most of my business meetings with me and makes me realize what is important every single day. My husband is the best delivery person, product organizer and emotional supporter I could ever ask for.  I feel so blessed that when I look at my company from the start, I know that it is built on not only a dream, but the constant support from those that I love in my life.  And I have realized through this process that that love and support is what it’s is all about.  That is what bc designs is built upon and always will be; and I am very proud of that.

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Freshly Launched :: The Celebration Shoppe

Freshly Launched :: The Celebration Shoppe

Launched :: Kim Byers

LaunchHER Says ::  We love to throw a party and The Celebration Shoppe helps us put together a fabulous party look with just the click of a mouse.  As busy working moms, you KNOW we love that!  We are thrilled to share The Celebration Shoppe with you today and don’t miss the discount code just for LH readers!

In HER Words ::  In 2006 my husband and I were blessed with our first child and like most mothers I wanted to celebrate his first birthday with lots of fanfare. I wanted something that was colorful and fun for him, would look great in pictures and would still be stylish enough to share with friends and family. This task was more difficult than I had anticipated and while still sitting amongst the shredded wrapping paper of his first birthday party the idea of The Celebration Shoppe was born.

Two years later I resigned from my corporate career as the VP of investment marketing for JPMorgan Private Client Services and launched, a custom invitation and creative décor company. My goal is to be a leading resource for fun and funky birthdays, beautifully styled baby showers and memorable holidays through fresh and modern products including custom invitations, thank you notes, quality table décor, custom cookies (baked and shipped from our partners at Sweet Tooth Cottage), printable party décor and most recently monogrammed goods.

 And not only do I want to offer creative designs and fun decor, but ideas. I truly enjoy sharing baking, craft and favor ideas for each theme we offer and for some we don’t. I post my ideas and I share others on my blog at in hopes of inspiring our reader’s next celebration.

Just for LaunchHER Readers :: If you have a craft idea, baking idea or a product that you think would go well with one of our 60 collections, we’d love to hear about it. You can e-mail us at with the subject line “blog feature.” And as a huge thank you to Launch HER for this honor, we’re offering 10% off anything in the shoppe with code LCHHER through the end of April 2011.

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Freshly Launched :: Little Trendstar

Freshly Launcher :: Little Trendstar

Launched :: Nicole Worth

LaunchHER Says :: We love clothes that make kids feel like they can be kids!  Little Trendstar’s tees will be the ones your kids will ask  to wear day after day.  Plus, we {heart} that they use non-toxic, eco-friendly ink on all of their shirts. 

In HER Words :: I love fashion and I love graphic design.  These have always been my two passions, so one day I thought why not merge these two together and create a business.  What came from this merger is my kids tee shirt brand, Little Trendstar. 

Having two young boys, I am always on the hunt for unique, stylish fashion- especially tees.  We all know the boy’s section at most stores is usually very small and filled with trucks, bugs and dinosaurs.  Of course these all have their place and you need these staples in a little boys wardrobe, but they weren’t cutting it for me as a mom.  I wanted my kids to dress cooler than that and make a statement with their clothes.  So I created Little Trendstar to fill that necessity. 

When I design the tees, I take inspiration from iconic patterns, personas and art that surround’s me every day.  I then take these visions and give them a clean and graphic look that I think captures the spirit of funky, trendsetting apparel.  Since I love dressing my own kids in hip and stylish clothes I only create designs I could envision my own kids wearing.  I offer the tee shirts in a variety of sizes ranging from 12months to 6T and I design for both boys and girls.  Starting with the spring line this year, I am now offering the designs on onesies as well.  I’m excited to reach out to this new market and have even the youngest tot sport one of my designs!

Another important necessity for me when starting this company was how the tees would be made. So that is why all of the tees, and onesies, are printed with safe, non-toxic and eco-friendly inks and are produced on 100% cotton. They are also sweat-shop free and Made in the USA.  So not only do the tee shirts look good, they are safe for kids, environmentally-friendly and something I can be proud to sell.

I have recently had the opportunity to put my products in the hands of some well-known celebrities and received some fantastic response.  That was very exciting and a lot of fun.  I’m very excited to see what the future holds and I’m looking forward to expanding the brand in the year to come.  I created the Little Trendstar brand to be all about the young budding trendsetter and my goal is to make style stars out of all of them!

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Freshly Launched :: Shaggy Baggy

Freshly Launched :: Shaggy Baggy

Launched ::  Sharon Schneider

LaunchHER says ::  Adding this to the summer “must have” list! We can think of SO many uses for these stylish totes.  Trips to the library with the kids, the farmer’s market, or even as a weekend bag.  Now, just to decided which one…

In HER words ::  ShaggyBaggy is more than a great tote. ShaggyBaggy is repurposing with a focus on minimizing waste with a mix of new, vintage and reclaimed fabrics. I have always looked to re-use items around me. I love thrifting and creating a new use for an old or discarded item.

 What started as a school book bag project in 2008 has transpired into an attempt to bring new life to salvaged and vintage fabric remnants – while working from home and contributing to the family budget. ShaggyBaggy is a self supporting, debt free business. My three teenage daughters and supportive, frugal husband contribute in many ways to making ShaggyBaggy a success.

A tote or handbag is a daily necessity for most women that often reflects their style and personality. ShaggyBaggy totes are practical accessories – used daily for work, as a great utility bag for a busy family, or all your essentials for a weekend getaway.

ShaggyBaggy totes are sold online and in various brick and mortar shops in Minnesota. I was part of The Creative Connection Event in its inaugural year in Minneapolis in 2010 and will be part of this amazing women in business event again in St. Paul in September 2011.  TCC keynote speakers (The Pioneer Woman,  MaryJane Butters and Amy Butler) all left Minneapolis with a ShaggyBaggy! ShaggyBaggy has also been featured in Minneapolis St. Paul Magazine.

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Get in touch with Shaggy Baggy — site + facebook twitter!

Freshly Launched :: magpie lovely

Freshly Launched :: magpie lovely

Launched :: Kate Handling

LaunchHER Says :: Kate, from magpie lovely, has brought chic boutique shopping to the internet.  We are pasionate about supporting handmade, and adore that magpie lovely features so many amazing indie brands.  If you can’t resist Etsy style shops, then you will love shopping magpie lovely!

In HER Words :: magpie lovely was created to introduce the boutique shopping consumer to the world of handmade, independent artists. the online store features gorgeous jewelry, bags, home accessories and clothes for all ages, with a men’s line coming soon. each item on magpie lovely is hand selected to ensure they reach the level of quality our customers expect.

some people have a preconceived notion that handmade goods are less attractive or second tier, when in fact, it’s quite the opposite. there are many designers that create items of the quality and style found in upscale boutiques. i have been sewing, painting, doodling (i don’t think you can call what i do drawling) and creating something out of nothing since i was just a little tyke.

 i truly understand the skill, dedication and love it takes to handcraft high quality fashionable products. the designers featured on magpie lovely love what they do and it comes across in each piece they create. the shop presents a great opportunity for them to stand out and reach a new audience who otherwise would not be exposed to their products. personally, i love when customers are shocked to hear that all the items featured on magpie lovely are handmade – which happens quite often.

magpie lovely combines my love of handmade products and the desire to do something creative. i love everything about running the online shop, but most importantly getting to know the designers and customers. my marketing/pr background also helps when gaining press and forming new relationships.

i have big things planned for the shop in the upcoming months including adding a vintage line, great new products and designers, and a few fun surprises.  

You can find magpie lovely on their site, Facebook or Twitter!

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Freshly Launched :: The White Library

Freshly Launched :: The White Library & Paperie

Launched :: Sandra Downie

LaunchHER says ::  This is one stop shop for celebration inspiration!  Sandra Downie, the creative woman behind The White Library, has a passion for weddings and love vintage-chic style.  No matter your style, The White Library is an addicting site!

In HER Words ::  As the owner and Creative Director of Sandra Downie Event Designs, a wedding, party and event design firm in Connecticut, I started The White Library (TWL) blog in September 2010 as a wedding, entertaining, party and event design resource after listening to the questions and concerns of my friends, clients and Brides over the years.

TWL has become a creative outlet to share my love of entertaining, pretty things, DIY design/styling tips and beautiful photography. My hope is that The White Library becomes a premier on-line source to help ignite our reader’s creativity when planning a party, wedding or entertaining at home. The blog showcases all things pretty, beautiful and detail oriented. I love to create inspiration for my readers and my blog does this through a variety of content. Our blog has different categories that include featured weddings, DIY projects, living & home, chic on a budget ideas, dessert table spotlights and food, drinks & recipes.

On the blog we recently launched the White Pages. This is a highly edited, by invitation, collection of the most talented vendors & artisans. It is selective to ensure that it will be a chic one-stop resource, accessible to our dedicated readers, to help make planning their parties, weddings and events simple and easy. From invitations to décor to sweet treat purveyors, members of The White Pages are hand selected because of their excellent reputations, proven commitment to quality and dedication to unparalleled service.

We are launching an Big Cartel shop soon, called Sandra Downie Paperie Studio. Here we will sell custom DIY invitations and party printables. Our readers will be able to get inspiration from our blog and request custom invitations or party printables.
It is exciting to watch the number of our readers for our blog continue to grow and with this increasing fan base we like to always improve and expand our business into different areas.

You can find The White Library on their Site, Facebook, and Twitter!

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Freshly Launched :: Smilegram Paper

Freshly Launched :: Smilegram Paper

Launched :: Carey Grund

LaunchHER says ::  Check out these incredible, creative papers that are designed with your little one in mind, and you’ll see what Smilegram Paper is {freshly launched} today!  These personalized papers and stationery sets are just what my kindergartener (and yours!) would love to write on.Enjoy finding out more about this fab entreneur!

In HER words ::

Since becoming a Mom, I have always been amazed at watching my children learn and explore new things.  As most moms do, I find it exciting to watch all of the first milestones such as learning their ABC’s and knowing all of their colors to create their first rainbow on paper.  Creative writing is an important part of childhood as it allows children to express themselves in a way they may not do verbally.  Research shows when children don’t have to think about handwriting consciously, and it becomes an automatic process, they perform much better in other areas.  As school districts report declining reading and writing scores, I thought there must be a way I can make a difference.

Countless hours looking for cute stationery on which to practice handwriting turned into the creation of smilegram paper.™ Knowing I wanted to create a high-quality, unique product, I often thought about just how smilegram designs could be different than any other product.  It was one happy day when I noticed my own daughters’ artwork and, at that moment, I found smilegram papers™ artist!  I was so excited to turn her love for art into designs for smilegram paper™.  As a proud Mom, I fortunately had saved many of her drawings which now have become the fun graphics you see on smilegram™ paper.  I thought what a unique experience I had ahead of me to work with my daughter knowing we are creating an opportunity to smile for children and adults alike with simply fun paper!  My mission is to provide parents with a tool to make hand writing fun for their children.

Smilegram paper™ launched with smiles!  I’m offering a product that allows children to be proud of who they are, what they believe in and, all the while, motivating them to write.  In just four short months, smilegram paper™ is starting to grow!  All of our business has come from word of mouth and the news of our fun, eco friendly and exceptional quality product is traveling quickly.  We hope that smilegram paper™ will continue to make a difference in how children learn to write and express their ever-creative mind.

You can find Smilegram Paper on their Site, Facebook, and Twitter!

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