Freshly Launched :: bc designs

Freshly Launched :: bc designs

Launched :: Bridget Connell

LaunchHER Says ::  Bridget is as charming as each handbag she designs, and her passion leaves us giddy!  So many bags to love…Bette…Bridgitte…how do you even choose a favorite?    

In HER Words :: I credit my son and my husband for the courage and “push” to follow my dreams and start bc designs.

I have always been a handbag girl.  My grandmother, mother and aunt are designers so I have been lucky to have surrounded by creative design. So when I was hired to design handbags and fashion accessories I was absolutely ecstatic.  I loved being able to contribute to the creative outlet I was so passionate about.  Then everything changed.  I had my son Sam 1 ½ years ago and left my job 6 weeks after he was born.  I loved staying home with my son, but felt that I was missing something.  I have always had this dream to start my own company but I didn’t know where to start. I was frozen. 

One day my husband came home work and said that it was time for me to follow my dream.  So, with his support, and the support of my friends and family, I started working on all the designs and ideas that I have accumulated for many years. 

I was overwhelmed with all the love and encouragement I received from my family (I love you all), friends (a special thanks to Janessa, Mark and Gina) and community and continue to feel blessed to have all this support today.  My husband and son are the absolute foundations of my life and business.  I am still home with my son, he comes to most of my business meetings with me and makes me realize what is important every single day. My husband is the best delivery person, product organizer and emotional supporter I could ever ask for.  I feel so blessed that when I look at my company from the start, I know that it is built on not only a dream, but the constant support from those that I love in my life.  And I have realized through this process that that love and support is what it’s is all about.  That is what bc designs is built upon and always will be; and I am very proud of that.

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  1. Sherry Eastwood says:

    CONGRATULATIONS, Bridget! Awesome! Good for you for following your dream!


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