Freshly Launched :: Gathered & Sown

Freshly Launched :: Gathered & Sown

Launched :: Angela Gordon

LaunchHER Says ::  We can think of a thousand uses for the eclectic totes, handbags, and wristlets in the Gathered & Sown Shop.   Angela has an eye for color and pattern, and we love how she uses them together! 

In HER Words :: Gathered & Sown started in Mid-2008, somewhat by accident! My friend Kerrie and I were both stay at home moms at the time. We loved hanging out together, talking, playing with the kids, & drinking coffee. One winter day, I thought it would be fun to blow the dust off of the sewing machine my Dad bought me, which I had never used. So she and I made purses for ourselves. Seeing our creations, our friends asked us where we got them, then asked if we would make some for them and so on!

 That spring, just for fun, we held an open house at my home to show off what we had made. I remember sitting in my dining room with Kerrie, wondering outloud if anyone would even show up. Much to our suprise, we had almost 40 people come through! So began Gathered & Sown.

All of my designs are my own. (Commercial patterns make my head spin!) I love creating items that are fashionable and functional, while meeting the needs of my client. I enjoy choosing fabrics, and my tastes are all over the board. I love unique vintage finds. There is just something special about going down to my studio with a piece of vintage fabric and adding some pleats or tucks and turning it into something beautiful. I adore indie artists and their fabric creations, but perusing the fabric lined shelves at my local fabric shops is also a favorite pastime of mine.

This business of learning and adapting has challenged me creatively, but in the process I am finding out how deeply gratifying it can be to see how far I’ve come, and know I’ve built it own my own! Putting a bag that I made in someones hands is something I’ll never tire of. As I get their postive feedback, and photos of them with their bags, I am humbled beyond words at how I’ve been blessed. I work a job I love. I get to be creative everyday. I contribute to my family’s income yet am still flexible enough to be present for my family.

I live in Wisconsin (a born and raised native!) with Ryan, my husband of more than 10 years, and our two beautiful daughters. I have a special stool at my work table reserved for friends or my kids that is always available. I welcome and thrive on a little companionship while I work.

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